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Climate solutions video contest

Are you inspired to creatively communicate about climate solutions on film? Enter our competition! We are accepting 1-minute (max) video entries that present climate solutions. Draw on paper or a whiteboard. Sing or dance. Please include your name, location, and who you are addressing with your video. Deadline April 30th, 2017. Below is one of our […]

Welcome, Efren Carrillo

Efren Carrillo served two terms on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, having been first elected in 2008 at the age of 27. While on the board he was a key leader for the establishment of Sonoma Clean Power. He also worked at the USEPA, Sonoma County Economic Development Board, Sonoma County Business Environmental Alliance, […]

Welcome, Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas is a marketing and communications consultant who works with organizations to build awareness and credibility for their key initiatives. She began her career as a business journalist in Silicon Valley and later founded her own public relations firm. After her firm was acquired by an international PR company, Susan ran their Global Technology […]

Meet Scott Pruitt – and weigh in

The Senate is likely to hold a floor vote on Pruitt’s confirmation as EPA administrator later this week. Read on to learn about Scott Pruitt. Call your representatives to express any concerns. Kamala D. Harris (CA) and Dianne Feinstein (CA) ————— Trump’s EPA pick recently called climate change a ‘religious belief’ by Natasha Geiling, ThinkProgress Scott […]

LA Times breaks story on California’s overbuilt electricity system

The article below, published in the Los Angeles Times, demonstrates the need for a shift in our current energy system to better align the needs of California residents and businesses with the goals of energy providers. Currently, the main objective of private California utilities is to maximize shareholder profits. In the Community Choice Energy model, […]

Jonathan Haidt: How common threats can make common (political) ground

In researching climate communications, I’ve been dabbling in the world of moral psychology. It’s a fascinating topic and Jonathan Haidt offers some very interesting insights into those funny creatures we call human beings. He has done quite a few TED Talks, but this one seemed particularly relevant to climate communications. If you want to reach […]

Wyoming lawmakers propose renewables ban, new study touts renewables standards

While Wyoming Republican lawmakers try to ban the purchase of renewable energy by utilities, it is clear that state renewable energy mandates are producing great economic benefits. A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab shows benefits outweighing costs for renewable energy portfolio standards – by more than 200 percent. State renewable portfolio standards (RPS) […]