Harnessing the Power of Nature in Achieving 1.5 C

Pathways to 1.5 Pavillion (The Climate Registry); Blue Zone

Protecting 30 percent of the world’s lands and waters by 2030 (30×30) to prevent biodiversity loss is often viewed as a conservation-focused goal. But nature-based solutions and efforts to achieve 30×30 have the potential to contribute significantly to broader climate objectives.  This conversation will examine the relationship between nature and climate, drawing from real-world examples … Read more

COP 28 Official Side Event: Natural carbon sequestration — Leveraging soils for mitigation, storage, and biodiversity benefits

SE Room 1, Blue Zone, Expo City, Dubai

The Climate Center and the British Society of Soil Science will present at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28) on the important role that soil plays in the fight against the climate crisis. From increased water efficiency and food security to the ability to draw down carbon, increasing the health of our soils … Read more

California Climate Policy Summit 2024

Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, 1230 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

The third annual California Climate Policy Summit will bring together elected and business leaders, policy experts, state officials, activists, and environmental justice advocates to build support for climate policy commensurate with what science demands.  California has made historic progress on climate in the last two years — from major investments in clean energy and community … Read more

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Urge state agencies to set ambitious targets to accelerate nature-based climate solutions

Climate solutions on farms, ranches, wetlands, forests, and more have the potential to draw down existing climate pollution and store it in soils and biomass while promoting food and water security and biodiversity. Out of California’s 105 million acres of land, approximately 90 percent has the potential to store planet-warming carbon.  Thanks to AB 1757 … Read more

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Urge your elected officials to fund climate-friendly farms and ranches

Healthy soils on farms and ranches play a key role in drawing down past climate pollution, increasing resilience to drought, floods, and other extremes, and supporting biodiversity and food security. California has set a goal of implementing healthy soils practices on at least 80,000 acres of land every year, which will help increase the longevity … Read more

How to Scale Up Nature-Based Climate Solutions on Farms and Ranches with Key Partnerships

California is laying the groundwork to scale up nature-based climate solutions using strategies like urban tree planting and regenerative agriculture. To see the benefits of these solutions, we must invest in the on-the-ground partnerships that are necessary for the widespread adoption of climate-friendly practices on our lands. New Regional Carbon Farming Hubs are uniquely positioned … Read more

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Tell Governor Newsom to accelerate equitable climate action now

As the world’s fourth-largest economy and the second-largest state contributor to U.S. climate pollution, California has a responsibility to lead on climate. Governor Newsom has the unique power to reduce pollution, create jobs in the clean energy economy, and save lives. If he takes several key steps over the coming months, we have a shot … Read more

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Memo from The Climate Center to Governor Newsom: ‘You can lead’

California Flag

On July 31, 2023, The Climate Center CEO Ellie Cohen sent a memo to Governor Gavin Newsom encouraging him to pursue accelerated, equitable climate action. The memo outlines seven high-priority policy actions the governor can take right now to reduce pollution, create new jobs, and save lives. The following is an excerpt from the memo … Read more

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California lawmakers approve $6 billion in cuts to climate and energy programs

SACRAMENTO — Today, the California state legislature voted to approve a 2023-2024 budget that cuts $6 billion from the state’s planned investments in climate and clean energy. The cuts represent an 11 percent overall reduction in California’s investments in a climate-safe future. In response, Nicole Rivera, Government Affairs Director for The Climate Center, said: “California’s … Read more

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Tell your representative: Protect California’s children from extreme heat events

We’ve all experienced extreme heat and wildfires in California over the past few years. Temperatures records have been broken up and down the West Coast during the summer and early fall, and this year is predicted to be another scorcher.  It’s time to address the dangers of extreme heat, particularly for our children. Senate Bill … Read more