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More groups line up in support for Senate Cap and Trade bill

Wieckowski’s SB 775 would create a post-2020 framework to meet California’s strict 2030 limits Sacramento – A growing number of statewide and regional organizations in California, representing thousands of members, are lining up in support of SB 775, the Cap and Trade bill unveiled last month by Senator Bob Wieckowski and Senate President Pro Tem […]

Are cities leading on climate?

Since President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, we have been hearing a banquet of news about how cities are leading on climate action. The Guardian recently devoted an article to showcasing New York City, Houston, Miami and San Francisco as good examples of climate leadership. According to the article, New York City has already […]

Solar manufacturers versus installers – who wins and loses with tariffs?

The below article by Eric Wesoff and Stephen Lacey of Greentech Media points to the tension between the solar panel manufacturing industry and the solar installation industry in the U.S. Solar installers in the U.S. benefit greatly from cheaper imported panels, while U.S. manufacturers may suffer, creating pressure to implement a tariff.  Solar costs are hitting […]

California’s climate debate heats up behind closed doors as Gov. Brown pushes to extend cap and trade

The following article by Chris Megerian and Melanie Mason of the LA Times sheds light on what’s happening in California climate policy right now. The current legislation, which the governor is trying to extend, is plagued with industry giveaways and other problems. SB 775, which we support, could make a clean break with that and […]

Should you be cynical about CEO and politician claims to support climate action?

The below article by Bill McKibben was recently featured in RollingStone. He expresses cynicism over the claims of CEOs and politicians that they support climate action.  How to tell if your reps are serious about climate change Perhaps no president in recent times has unified the country, and the globe, as effectively as Donald Trump. […]

Is the Exxon-backed Climate Leadership Council’s proposal worth the cost?

The below article by Ellen R. Wald of Forbes presents an interesting question about what we can hope for from the oil industry-backed Climate Leadership Council. Is the trade of carbon dividends worth the cost of regulatory rollbacks?  The Climate Leadership Council’s devious plan to distract American carbon consumers Today, June 20, the new Climate […]

Personal stories to inspire climate policy

Do you have a personal story about climate impacts? Jane Bender, President of the Board for The Climate Center, along with a group of climate activists, has been meeting with California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s legislative aides to strategize how they can help the Senator in efforts to move good climate policy forward. The aides say that […]

Can blue states help red states move faster toward renewables?

The below article by Justin Gillis and Nadja Popovich of the New York Times poses an interesting question in light of “Trump country’s” move toward wind energy: Can blue states help red states move faster toward renewables? Originally titled, “In Trump Country, renewables thrive.” Two years ago, Kansas repealed a law requiring that 20 percent of the […]

U.S. Department of Energy touts producing renewables yourself

The below information is posted on the U.S. Department of Energy’s website. This message might hold appeal for conservatives who value energy independence and choice. Consumer vs. Prosumer: What’s the Difference? by Daron Christopher, US Department of Energy Learn more about the Grid Modernization Initiative Most of us have been consuming electricity from the grid the […]