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Working for rapid greenhouse gas reductions at scale, starting in California

The Governor’s Recent Climate Executive Orders

We are grateful to Governor Newsom for his Executive Order N-79-20 on September 23 requiring 100% of all new in-state sales of cars and light trucks to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2035. We urge the governor to take further action.

Governor Newsom’s most recent Executive Order N-82-20 on October 7 is another step forward in combating climate change. The order establishes the goal of protecting 30% of California’s lands and waters by 2030 while also outlining some initial actions required to get there. Read our response here.

The governor has indicated that there will be more Executive Orders going forward. See our requested comprehensive Executive Order to the governor and urge him to do more here.

Click here to thank the governor and urge further action.


Weekly climate news and actions to secure a climate-safe future.

Climate Justice is Racial Justice

Shared responsibility and equitable, inclusive solutions are fundamental values we at The Climate Center strive to embody in our efforts to realize speed and scale greenhouse gas reductions.

Our urgent climate policy goals will only be achieved if we also ensure that communities of color are no longer disproportionately harmed. There cannot be climate justice without racial justice. Together, we will ensure an equitable, just transition to a vibrant future for all. Read more here.

It is DRY out West right now.

This map shows the Evaporative Demand Drought Index, an experimental @NOAA_ESRL tool that shows how "thirsty" the atmosphere is - i.e. how much moisture it's sucking out of soils and vegetation. This info is key for drought and fire weather risk.

New Zealanders vote for climate ambition of Jacinda Ardern and Greens http://sumo.ly/14uKK via @ClimateHome #climatepolicy #democracy #Election2020 #climateaction

More Than 70 Science and Climate Journalists Challenge #SupremeCourt Nomination of #AmyConeyBarrett https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/political-commentary/amy-coney-barrett-climate-journalists-challenge-supreme-court-nomination-1080453/ via @RollingStone #climatechange #ethics

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Endorse Climate-Safe California

The unprecedented fires across the West and the rampant spread of COVID-19 in the United States is a stark reminder that we ignore science at our own peril and early action saves lives. The latest science demands bold and swift climate solutions to avoid runaway climate chaos.

We must accelerate existing state policy timelines now to phase out fossil fuels, sequester carbon in ecosystems, and build resilient communities while inspiring global climate action. Our Climate-Safe California campaign aims to reach net-negative emissions (sequestration more than emissions) by 2030 while securing Climate Justice for lower-income communities and securing a positive transition for fossil fuel workers. Endorse and support the campaign today. Together we will secure a vibrant, healthy and climate-safe future for all. Learn more>>

Support Utility Reform and Community Energy Resilience

The Climate Center is working with partners to help secure our communities in the face of blackouts, fires and the pandemic by opening up markets to clean energy, reducing pollution that makes people more susceptible to diseases like COVID-19, and creating clean energy “islands” that allow community energy resilience during planned and unplanned outages. Please reach out to your state elected officials here.



Population with access to Community Choice Energy in California

$90 million

Estimated on-bill savings as of 2018 due to Community Choice Energy


Percentage of fossil-fuel free power in Community Choice Energy portfolios.


Students reached through our youth climate leadership training program



In the face of California’s widespread power shutoffs and the rise of dirty fossil-fuel-powered back-up generators, The Climate Center has launched a new initiative to build resilience.
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Learn what we are doing to spread affordable locally-controlled clean power options and innovative energy programs in the Central Valley and throughout California.
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The Clean Power Exchange is your source for news, views, updates, resources, and tools on Community Choice Energy and California’s shift to clean energy.
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UN scientists have reported that soil carbon sequestration is among the cheapest methods with the greatest potential for removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Learn more>>


Sustainable mobility includes electric vehicles, transit-oriented development, walkable communities, pedestrian and bike-friendly infrastructure (scooters too), public transportation, and more. Learn more>>


Weekly climate news and actions to secure a climate-safe future.


Partner with us to lead the charge in rapid decarbonization in California and beyond.


How Republicans think about climate change

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