New Report: California must accelerate the timeline for climate action

By Daniel Kammen, Teenie Matlock, David Pellow, Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Tom Steyer, Leah Stokes, and Feliz Ventura.

New report provides more evidence supporting Climate-Safe California‘s goals.

  • Climate change is occurring at a faster, more destructive rate than previously known which demands California take much more aggressive action.
  • Doing nothing or pursuing timid climate solutions will cost California trillions of dollars in destructive impacts to our economy, public health, equity, and way of life.
  • Bold policy changes now are critical to the pursuit of effective, equitable solutions.
  • Aggressive targets are tough but achievable.

Read the authors’ recommendations here.

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Support SB 582, calling for net-negative emissions by 2035. California law may finally accelerate timelines for a climate-safe future

Senate Bill (SB) 582, which would establish the state’s first-ever statutory net-negative emissions goal, with a target date of 2035, and calls for doubling our current 2030 emissions reductions goals, officially passed out of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee last week. SB 582 also calls for a Just Resilience Plan to drive urgently needed investments in California’s most vulnerable communities. We extend our gratitude to Senator Henry Stern for his visionary climate leadership and to UC Berkeley Professor Dan Kammen for his testimony in support of SB 582 (which you can read here). Learn more.

Stand up for diversity and justice

The recent rise in anti-Asian violence is a tragic reminder of the urgent need to escalate the fight against hatred and white supremacy in the United States. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of the deadly attacks in Atlanta and to all who suffer persecution and injustice. The Climate Center remains committed to confronting systemic racism, misogyny, and intolerance. We stand in solidarity with Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities, as well as women, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and others targeted for their “differences.”

At The Climate Center, we celebrate and embrace diversity. Shared responsibility and equitable, inclusive solutions are fundamental values we strive to embody as we work for speed and scale greenhouse gas reductions. A key guiding principle for our Climate-Safe California programs and policies is to ensure lower-income communities and many communities of color are no longer disproportionately harmed by the devastating impacts of oil and gas pollution, and have equitable access to climate-friendly solutions. Join us in speaking out against hatred, and for diversity, equity, and justice, as we work collaboratively to secure a vibrant, climate-safe future for all. #StopAAPIHate

“[The Climate Center] has emerged as a force this year in our public policy discussions. [Their] campaign for a Climate-Safe California is not only crucial, but it is scalable.”

– State Senator Henry Stern (Santa Monica), August 5, 2020

What makes us unique?

We have a track record of reducing greenhouse gas emissions: The Climate Center played a key role in the tremendous growth of Community Choice Agencies (CCAs) in the state over the past 6 years, with 24 CCAs now providing on average 81% greenhouse gas-free electricity to over 11 million residents in more than 200 cities/counties.

We have a powerful theory of change (strategy). It describes the optimum way to deliver rapid greenhouse gas reductions at scale.

We have a plan. Our bold, comprehensive Climate-Safe California campaign describes how California can respond with urgency to the climate crisis.

CEO Ellie Cohen explains our Climate-Safe California Campaign

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The unprecedented fires across the West and the rampant spread of COVID-19 in the United States is a stark reminder that we ignore science at our own peril and early action saves lives. The latest science demands bold and swift climate solutions to avoid runaway climate chaos.

We must accelerate existing state policy timelines now to phase out fossil fuels, sequester carbon through nature-based approaches on natural and working lands, invest in resilient communities for everyone, and raise the billions of dollars needed annually. Climate-Safe California aims to reach net-negative emissions (sequestration more than emissions) by 2030 while (1) securing a just transition for fossil fuel workers, their families, and their communities; and, (2) ensuring that lower-income and BIPOC communities are no longer disproportionately harmed by the production and use of fossil fuels, and have equitable access to climate-friendly solutions. Together we will secure an equitable, healthy, and vibrant future in California, inspiring action globally.  Endorse and support the campaign today.

Transportation pollution is driving toxic air quality across CA, home to 10 of the 25 most polluted cities in the nation. @Rendon63rd, constituents are counting on you to #InvestInCleanAir w/ funding for equitable clean transportation in the #CABudget.

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Support Utility Reform and Community Energy Resilience

The Climate Center is working with partners to help secure our communities in the face of power outages, fires and the pandemic by opening up markets to clean energy, reducing pollution that makes people more susceptible to diseases like COVID-19, and creating clean energy “islands” that allow community energy resilience during power outages. Please take action here.

Our Business Network

The Climate Center’s Business Network is an association of over 70 businesses that are collaborating to find opportunities to build a climate-safe California. Members include a broad array of companies in a variety of sectors, including banking, finance, energy, food, wine, health care and more. Members gather regularly to share best practices and advocate for policies that clear the way for clean energy. Learn more.



Population with access to Community Choice Energy in California

$90 million

Estimated on-bill savings as of 2018 due to Community Choice Energy


Percentage of fossil-fuel free power in Community Choice Energy portfolios.



In the face of California’s widespread power shutoffs and the rise of dirty fossil-fuel-powered back-up generators, The Climate Center has launched a new initiative to build resilience.
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Learn what we are doing to spread affordable locally-controlled clean power options and innovative energy programs in the Central Valley and throughout California.
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Sustainable mobility includes electric vehicles, transit-oriented development, walkable communities, pedestrian and bike-friendly infrastructure (scooters too), public transportation, and more. Learn more>>


UN scientists have reported that soil carbon sequestration is among the cheapest methods with the greatest potential for removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Learn more>>


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