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Q&A: Behind the scenes at COP26 with Alex Gilchrist and Susan Thomas

The Climate Center COP26

In 2021, The Climate Center became an official observer organization of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), giving us the opportunity to participate in the COP26 global climate talks in November in Glasgow. Joining CEO Ellie Cohen (second from right) in Glasgow were long-time partner Alex Gilchrist (left) and Board of Directors … Read more

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The data debunks the denial: Bold climate action sooner costs less in dollars and lives

In reaction to a historical day of climate policy action by the Biden Administration, some loud political and media voices continue to claim that climate action is too costly. These claims are idiocy. At this moment, we must remind naysayers that study after study shows the huge costs of waiting to act and points not … Read more

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Record-holding Ironwoman activist joins The Climate Center

Welcome to Jeri Howland, new Director of Philanthropy!  Below is her personal introduction. Hello, I’m Jeri! I am very excited to join The Climate Center as the new Director of Philanthropy. The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign and support base align perfectly with my values and vision for our collective future. With all that we … Read more

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How Republicans think about climate change

Republicans are not a monolith on climate change Republican lawmakers have been attacking the Biden Administration’s actions to address the climate crisis. However, not all Republicans align. The party is split and the recent mass power outages during a severe storm in Texas may drive a deeper wedge into the party as Republican lawmakers were … Read more

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Lokelani Devone and Mary Luévano join The Climate Center’s Board of Directors

At a critical moment in efforts to combat climate change in California, two new Board members have joined The Climate Center to advance its Climate-Safe California campaign: Lokelani Devone, former corporate attorney, and long-time community activist, and Mary Luévano, a veteran of climate action and former California Coastal Commissioner. Devone and Luévano bring extensive expertise … Read more

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Let’s secure equitable access to resilient clean energy

#WomenInSolar installs in Nicaragua & Nepal by Grid Alternatives

The Climate Center’s Community Energy Resilience Policy Summit will address equitable approaches to clean energy resilience programs.  August 5, 2020, 9 AM – 12 PM. As awareness of systemic poverty and racism grows, government policies and programs beyond police force budgets and protocols are also getting attention. The media is shining light on toxic oil … Read more

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The rise of leaky wells and taxpayer liabilities

Fracking rig operates next to a walking and bike way for residents of Signal Hill drilling into the Los Angeles Oil Field. Photo by Sarah Craig.

A rapidly growing movement is underway in California to call out Governor Gavin Newsom for ramping up approval of fracking and drilling permits. This comes at a time when the effects of fossil fuel pollution on public health is of grave concern and many oil and gas companies may abandon leaky wells because of bankruptcy with falling demand for their products.

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House Democrats’ climate plan is ambitious, but is it enough?

On Tuesday House Democrats unveiled a package of more than 120 pieces of legislation that seek to drive a transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the plan ties climate action to racial justice. Some pundits are saying that the plan shows just how far progressives have pushed the climate conversation. The plan is very similar to the Green New Deal, but lacks a ban on fracking and other rapid fossil fuel phase-out measures that will be required to avoid already looming climate catastrophe.

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Cities are leading on clean mobility during the COVID and climate crises. They need help.

Take action today: Ask your electeds to commit to a phase-out of dirty, gas-powered vehicles and invest in sustainable mobility as part of COVID-19 stimulus funding. On March 30th, The Climate Center and our partners sent a letter to the California Air Resources Board asking them to hold firm on clean air regulations during this pandemic. The … Read more

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New study reveals electric cars really are greener than fossil fuel vehicles

Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz)

By Adam Vaughan, New Scientist Highlights A new comprehensive study finds that electric cars are much more climate-friendly than their gas and diesel counterparts. Florian Knobloch at Radboud University in the Netherlands and his colleagues looked at the average emissions across many classes of car and the projected carbon emissions generated on average over a … Read more