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Exxon dissident shareholders push climate action, company facing climate fraud charges

Exxon Mobile’s dissident investors have introduced seven more resolutions asking the company to address climate change and its risks, in contradiction to former chief Rex Tillerson’s vehement opposition to such motions. The resolutions ask Exxon to add a board member with environmental expertise; disclose funding of lobbyists and organizations dedicated to influencing climate policy; and […]

Energy intensity down, U.S. economy up, and stranded assets as oil demand drops

With the incoming administration, I expect to hear the same arguments pitting energy conservation against the economy, followed by a call to build more pipelines and drill. Next time you hear that argument, you can share this graph. Between 1980 and 2011 the economy expanded by 230% from $6.5 trillion to 15.2 trillion (in inflation-adjusted dollars), while energy […]

Former Republican EPA Secretary discusses Trump’s climate denial, but not GOP’s

William K. Reilly, a Republican and one-time head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was recently interviewed by Christian Schwägerl of Yale e360.  Reilly is dismayed that a climate change skeptic has been named to lead his former agency, but he insists environmental progress can be made. Reilly, who was head of the EPA  under […]

Standing out in the suburbs

Since November we have all heard much about the January 21st Million Women Marches against Donald Trump being planned in Washington D.C. and beyond. Many will use it as an outlet for their anger. Neo conservative pundits will use it to feed into a narrative about “those lefty urban activists marching again.” Personally, I plan to attend […]

Renewable energy at tipping point – with more investment needed

In a new report, the World Economic Forum has concluded that renewable energy is becoming competitive with fossil fuels, but the industry needs institutional investments. The World Economic Forum analysis shows that the cost of generating electricity from renewables has plunged over the last three years and is now equal to that of coal and […]

A Clean Energy Revolution is Already Underway

The Department of Energy recently released a report, Revolution…now about the current state of the clean energy revolution.  The fossil fuel industry is clearly reacting against the momentum of the renewable energy industry.  During the Obama administration, clean energy costs dropped up to 94 percent. Here are statistics that indicate that renewable energy can win the […]

Trump Consideration of Tillerson

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to choose ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson to be secretary of State, according to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. This is very disturbing when we think about what it means for climate protection, as well as Trump’s personal interests.  Exxon has numerous partnerships with Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company, and has lost more than […]