Clean Energy

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Accelerating the phase-out of fossil fuel development, production, and use

For a climate-safe future, California must have policies in place by 2025 to achieve 100% GHG-free energy by 2030, starting with an immediate halt to new oil and gas drilling and infrastructure development. This applies to fossil fuel use for both buildings and vehicles. Even the International Energy Agency agrees that it’s time to phase out fossil fuels.

Read our nuclear power policy here.

Secure clean, distributed, resilient energy & storage

California must also achieve rapid increases in distributed energy and storage, as well as a phase-out of all fossil fuel subsidies, production, and refining.

Thanks to Senate Bill 100, the California Clean Energy Act of 2017,  California has set a target of 100% clean electricity for California by 2045.  This is a great start, but more is needed to secure an equitable and climate-safe California. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy production and consumption on the timeline required by the science, California must formally commit to 80% below 1990 levels of GHG emissions with drawdown (sequestration greater than emissions) by 2030. Such a commitment will mean widespread building electrification.

Significantly increase sustainable mobility

California must pass clean mobility legislation by no later than 2025 to begin phasing out fossil fuel-powered vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses. We must also reprioritize transportation investments to support housing near jobs, equity-focused Vehicle Miles Traveled mitigation banks and other innovative programs that reduce GHG pollution and improve health, especially in disadvantaged communities.

Going further for social justice

Lower-income communities are the most adversely affected by our fossil fuel economy. This is because oil refineries and major transportation corridors are often located adjacent to where these communities work and live. Achieving 100% clean energy across all sectors will help free these communities from the pollution and associated health problems they now face and help ensure a secure transition for everyone.