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Upcoming community energy resilience funding opportunities

Rooftop solar installation. Photo by Canva.

The Community Energy Resilience team at The Climate Center is supporting community-based organizations (CBOs) applying for funds to strengthen their community’s resilience to blackouts and extreme weather. In 2023, both California and the federal government released many funding opportunities to help advance community resilience, including those outlined in my September 2023 blog.

In 2024, we expect to see both new funding opportunities and second-round funding aimed at making our communities stronger and more resilient. In addition to capacity grants and planning grants, more funding is becoming available for technical assistance to submit strong grant proposals. We expect this additional support will make it easier to navigate the complex process of state and federal funding by providing design and project development assistance. Technical assistance ensures that those interested in leveraging funding to enhance community resilience will have the tools they need to fund energy resilience projects in their communities. 

We are excited to help community-based organizations and others take advantage of the state and federal funding opportunities listed at the link below to turn innovative ideas into reality. Whether it is enhancing local projects with the direct input of community members, strengthening infrastructure, or building resilience, these opportunities pave the way for more empowered communities.

See a list of federal and state funding opportunities for community-based organizations, local governments, and tribal entities (PDF).

For questions or more information, contact me at pamela@theclimatecenter.org.