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UN calls climate change a ‘code red’ warning for humanity, business must be part of the solution

United Nations by John Samuel

The head of the United Nations has a message for the rest of the world: act on climate change now or pay the price for years to come. In the midst of fires, drought, and extreme heat, we hardly need another report to tell us that the climate crisis poses a grave threat to California’s … Read more

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COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for entrepreneurial approaches to climate change

By Jeffrey York, The Conversation Highlights Jeffrey York, a professor of sustainability and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, suggests that entrepreneurship could be the solution to the climate crisis. Environmental entrepreneurship offers solutions that create ecological and economic benefits  Being an environmentalist and a businessperson helps entrepreneurs recruit a broader range of people, inviting … Read more

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Earth Day 2030: California celebrates reaching net-negative emissions

Golden Gate by Benjamin W.

Let’s imagine it is April 2030. In the early 2020s, as the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, we in California finally addressed the climate crisis at the speed and scale science demanded. Nation & World Collaborating for Speed & Scale Climate Action Today, Earth Day 2030, we celebrate the deep systemic changes we have collectively … Read more

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What’s the ideal way for the microgrid industry to come back from COVID-19?

By Lisa Cohn, Microgrid Knowledge  Highlights The Clean Energy community called for relief in the recent federal stimulus package as the industry has taken a critical hit due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Over 100,000 clean energy sector workers have lost their jobs due to business shifting during the pandemic and the industry could lose half … Read more

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UBS says investors should prefer green bonds over regular debt

By David Caleb Mutua, Bloomberg Highlights According to UBS Global Wealth’s head of credit, Thomas Wacker, sustainable bonds are a “defensive opportunity” that credit investors should favor over non-green, investment-grade corporate notes The fossil fuel industry has no presence in the green bond market and are feeling the impacts of the turning economy due to … Read more

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As Congress debates an economic stimulus, where should the money be spent?

by Ken Kimmel, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists Highlights Current situation: Federal government response to COVID-19: In Washington DC a bi-partisan effort to help the country cope with COVID-19 is underway. So far, one immediate emergency bill appropriated approximately $8 billion designed to treat and prevent the virus. A second bill has also … Read more

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How changes brought on by coronavirus could help tackle climate change

by Glen Peters, The Conversation Highlights: Carbon emissions are dropping due to reduced energy consumption, but previous financial crises and events have led to lower emissions only temporarily. At best, a financial crisis delays emissions growth a few years.  So far forecasts still indicate the global economy will grow in 2020. For example, the Organization … Read more

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Why the coronavirus outbreak is terrible news for climate change

by James Temple, MIT Technology Review Highlights First and foremost, the whole point of addressing global warming is to avoid widespread suffering and death, so climate activists should keep this lens Greenhouse gas emissions rebound is likely after the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), as history tells us for several reasons: If capital markets lock up, it’s … Read more