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COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for entrepreneurial approaches to climate change

By Jeffrey York, The Conversation


Jeffrey York, a professor of sustainability and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, suggests that entrepreneurship could be the solution to the climate crisis.

  • Environmental entrepreneurship offers solutions that create ecological and economic benefits 
    • Being an environmentalist and a businessperson helps entrepreneurs recruit a broader range of people, inviting in environmental champions and small business experts
    • Environmental entrepreneurs focus more on values and family, rather than just government policy and economics
    • The political divide on climate change is blurred and more green building adoption occurs when there are more entrepreneurs present
  • York suggests that new business ventures can help rebuild an economy focused on long-term environmental sustainability and economic stability

The Climate Center’s Business for Clean Energy (BCE) network is an association of over 70 businesses that are collaborating to find opportunities to build a climate-safe California. The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign recognizes that sound policy is critical to supporting businesses that can drive the needed innovations for the transition to a decarbonized economy.

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