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Agriculture Resilience Act offers California farmers climate change solutions


by CalCAN


  • The Agriculture Resilience Act (H.R. 5861) addresses the role of agriculture in combating climate change with a comprehensive suite of practical, science-based, farmer-driven policy solutions
  • The bill sets out a national goal for the agricultural sector of net-zero emissions by no later than 2040, as well as strategies to achieve it by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sequestering carbon, increasing on-farm renewable energy, and reducing food waste
  • The bill focuses on these six important policy areas:
    • Increasing research
    • Improving soil health
    • Protecting existing farmland
    • Supporting pasture-based livestock systems
    • Boosting investments in on-farm energy initiatives
    • Reducing food waste

The Climate Center advocates for policies to fund and support carbon sequestration through healthy soils to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions at the speed and scale required by the science.

Read more: http://calclimateag.org/calcan-endorses-newly-introduced-federal-climate-agriculture-bill/