UK to ban selling new gas and diesel cars by 2030

by Catherine Thorbecke, ABC News Highlights Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom would ban the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles by 2030 as a part of his “Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution” Boris Johnson claims that this initiative would create 250,000 jobs  About $665 million will be … Read more

A new era of clean transportation requires new leadership

by Mary Creasman, CalMatters Highlights Transportation is responsible for about 40% of California’s emissions Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier has stalled various efforts for cleaner transportation in California Frazier pushed back against the Clean Cars Bill that would have transitioned cars to zero-emission by 2040 and worked against former Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of … Read more

Defying Trump, California locks in vehicle emission deals with major automakers

by David Shepardson, Reuters Highlights The California Air Resources Board (CARB) along with Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, Volvo, and BMW finalized agreements that create low vehicle emissions standards for cars in California According to The Center for Biological Diversity, the deal will improve fuel economy by an estimated 3.7% year over year between 2022-2026 These new … Read more

It will take more than a few cycle lanes to make green, pandemic-proof cities

from Climate Home News Highlights Cities worldwide are looking at ways to reduce car transportation by increasing bike lanes and pedestrian-only areas Carlos Moreno, planning advisor to Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, says that the transformation of cities needs to align with Paris Agreement targets within the next 10 years Though the pandemic reintroduced many people … Read more

Lyft announces ‘100 percent’ of its vehicles will be electric by 2030

by Isabella O’Malley, Yahoo! Finance Highlights Ride-hailing company, Lyft, has announced that all of their service vehicles will be electric within ten years On Lyft’s website, the company cites the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to rebuild their business and focus on sustainability: Rather than hunker down and ride out COVID-19, we chose to stand … Read more

The million-mile battery is coming. Here’s why it matters

Electric Vehicles Charging at a Station

by David Ferris, E&E News Highlights Tesla, General Motors, and Contemporary Amperex Technology are attempting to make car batteries that can last one million miles The batteries have been tested in labs, but have not been manufactured and tested Electric vehicles could hypothetically last forever with the advent of this ultra-long range battery However, many … Read more

Want to tear down monuments to racism and segregation? Bulldoze L.A. freeways

by Matthew Fleischer, The Los Angeles Times Highlights The construction of freeways was a direct result of Los Angeles’s racist past, creating a city segregated on the basis of race, causing the destruction of black neighborhoods and the elimination of beneficial transportation  The Red Car transit system provided access to residents throughout the city, creating … Read more

Democrats to demand 100% emissions-free vehicles by 2035

by Ari Natter, World Oil Highlights The Select Committee on the Climate Crisis convened by Pelosi and chaired by Representative Kathy Castor of Florida, released a 500-page plan that seeks to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, calls for achieving 100% clean vehicles by 2035, and demands an extension of a tax credit that’s successfully boosted … Read more