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Lyft announces ‘100 percent’ of its vehicles will be electric by 2030

by Isabella O’Malley, Yahoo! Finance


  • Ride-hailing company, Lyft, has announced that all of their service vehicles will be electric within ten years
  • On Lyft’s website, the company cites the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to rebuild their business and focus on sustainability:

Rather than hunker down and ride out COVID-19, we chose to stand up and accelerate our efforts to address the climate crisis. With transportation recently overtaking electricity as the single largest source of planet-disrupting greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution in the US and the second-largest source in Canada, we believe now is the time for Lyft to lead a radical shift in strategy

  • The company is collaborating with the Environmental Defense Fund on this transition
  • Lyft will negotiate with automakers to secure deals for their drivers who will ultimately have to buy the new cars themselves

The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign calls for investments and bold policies to support clean mobility, including a phase-out of all gas-powered vehicles.

Read more: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/lyft-announces-100-percent-vehicles-113000544.html