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A new era of clean transportation requires new leadership

by Mary Creasman, CalMatters


  • Transportation is responsible for about 40% of California’s emissions
  • Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier has stalled various efforts for cleaner transportation in California
  • Frazier pushed back against the Clean Cars Bill that would have transitioned cars to zero-emission by 2040 and worked against former Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of putting 5 million electric cars on the road by 2030
  • Frazier also asked the California Air Resources Board to suspend all proposed air quality regulations until 2021
  • Frazier has received thousands of dollars in money from oil companies and has held more than $1 million in Chevron stock
  • Removing Frazier and replacing any members of the Transportation Committee who won’t work to secure a clean transportation future is vital for a safe and healthy California

Increased air pollution from fossil fuel emissions makes all of us more vulnerable to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California Platform includes solutions for clean mobility to cut greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. Governor Newsom’s recent Executive Order N-79-20 banning the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks by 2035 is a great first step, but more is needed to secure climate stability. The Climate Center released a requested Executive Order in alignment with our Climate-Safe California Platform shortly before the Governor’s announcement. 

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