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Democrats to demand 100% emissions-free vehicles by 2035

by Ari Natter, World Oil


  • The Select Committee on the Climate Crisis convened by Pelosi and chaired by Representative Kathy Castor of Florida, released a 500-page plan that seeks to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, calls for achieving 100% clean vehicles by 2035, and demands an extension of a tax credit that’s successfully boosted the use of solar power
  • This plan also sets a goal of achieving net-zero emissions in the electricity sector by 2040 but does not provide a detailed plan
  • These plans may not be aggressive enough for Progressive Democrats who have called for the phase-out of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  • New polling from the Pew Research Center shows that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the federal government is not doing enough to reduce the effects of climate change

The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign calls for investments and bold policies to support clean mobility, including a phase-out of all gas-powered vehicles.

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