Electric vehicle ownership just got even better

Sonoma Clean Power has recently launched a new, $2.5 million venture to help people buy electric vehicles and install at-home charging stations.  The measure will target the largest source of pollution in Sonoma County, tailpipe emissions. Starting October 27 and through January 5, Sonoma Clean Power will offer its customers $2,500 discounts — on a first-come, first-served […]

Range Anxiety: Substance or Sasquatch?

anx·i·e·ty/aNGˈzīədē/  a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome We all feel anxious from time to time. The lexicon of anxiousness is ingrained in our culture. We worry, we fret, we kvell. If you are considering getting an electric car, you may have been told […]

The Smoothest Ride of All

Doron Amiran, CCP  |  Feb. 24, 2016 Driving a car is useful and often necessary in our society. But we also want the driving experience to be fun. Carmakers have long sought to maximize both the efficiency and fun of their cars by devising ever-fancier ways of shifting from one gear to the next. Manual […]

The Hum of the Near Silent Future

by Doron Amiran, CCP  |  Jan. 27, 2016 I live on a country road, not too far off the highway. There are many things I love about our one-and-a-half acres of Sonoma County paradise. Birds flit among the trees, and the sunshine dapples the greening grass of springtime. But the highway buzzes incessantly in the […]

Don’t think about the poop

by Doron Amiran, CCP  |  Jan. 11, 2016 In 1898, New York hosted an urban planning conference, where delegates from around the world discussed the future of transportation. Although there were only 800 automobiles registered in the US at that time, the auto revolution was imminent. But these august leaders completely missed it, and spent […]

Cut Your Carbon Emissions in Half!

By Daniel Settlemyer The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) recently published an extensive report, along with informational videos and graphics, detailing how much cleaner electric vehicles (EVs) are than their fuel-burning counterparts. The study pitted two cars against each other – similar in size, but different in power source – to measure the difference in […]

Please don’t write me a ticket, I’m speeding in an electric car!

by Doron Amiran, CCP  |  Dec. 4, 20145 Lately I find myself conflicted. This is nothing new, because life is often a struggle to strike a balance between doing what we want, and doing what we know is right. For example, I know that plastic water bottles are needlessly wasteful, but sometimes I am thirsty […]

Less than my TV bill

by Doron Amiran, The Climate Center |  November 4, 2015 I recently leased an all-electric Fiat 500e, and it is definitely the coolest and most fun car I have ever driven. Not only will it run on Sonoma Clean Power’s local and renewable electricity, but it’s fast, fun, and head-turningly cute. As I was driving […]

Sonoma County Ranked #1 Government Green Fleet in North America

by David Worthington, County of Sonoma  (CCP guest blog) |  Oct. 21, 2015 The County of Sonoma was recently recognized as the #1 Government Green Fleet in North America during the International Green Conference held at the Midwest Green Fleets Forum & Exposition in Columbus, Ohio. The annual awards program, established in 2008, recognizes the […]

Rethinking How We Transport Ourselves

by Kristin Berger, The Climate Center |  Oct. 21, 2015 Nanette Names is an architect with AXIA Architects, a Business for Clean Energy member. She has EV envy. Her husband George Psaledakis – also an architect, working in San Rafael and under his own shingle, Designs for Sustainable Living – recently leased a 2015 BMWi3. […]