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What greater good? COVID is unmasking America’s collective action problem

by Shannon Osaka, Grist Highlights The failure of Americans to wear protective masks in order to keep themselves and those around them safe highlights a collective action issue the country faces The climate crisis is the world’s most notorious collective action problem because all countries would need to participate and lower emissions all together Political […]

In pandemic recovery efforts, polluting industries are winning big

by Beth Gardiner, Yale Environment 360 Highlights Polluting industries such as airlines and fossil fuel companies have been lobbying for bailout funds and loosening of environmental regulations during the COVID-19 crisis Bailouts and lack of environmental regulations will create a  high-carbon legacy that will last much longer than the current pandemic Since the pandemic, U.S. […]


Fact check: The coronavirus pandemic isn’t slowing climate change

by Matthew Brown, USA Today Highlights The shelter in place measures spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a drop of emissions, but this drop was not significant enough to significantly slow climate change Although The International Energy Agency projects global carbon emissions will fall by 8%, this year is set to be the hottest […]

Proposed California law would fast-track environmentally sustainable transit

by Carolyn Said, The San Francisco Chronicle  Highlights Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) will unveil SB288, the Sustainable Transportation COVID-19 Recovery Act, which would streamline alternative transportation infrastructure projects The proposed bill would fast track sustainable transportation projects that would typically take months or years for approval due to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) […]

Deforestation, oil spills, and coronavirus: Crises converge in the Amazon

by Rachel Ramirez, Grist  Highlights Brazil now has the second-highest number of documented COVID-19 cases, with 400,000 confirmed cases and 25,000 deaths According to the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, an indigenous rights organization, the mortality rate among the indigenous population of nearly one million is double that experienced in Brazil overall The entire Amazon region […]


States standing strong on clean energy commitments amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Sam Kozel, Greentech Media Highlights States are accelerating clean energy policies in efforts to secure economic stability during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. A majority of states have also put in place moratoriums on service disconnections and power shutoffs as many people face unemployment and may not be able to pay bills. This also […]

COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for entrepreneurial approaches to climate change

By Jeffrey York, The Conversation Highlights Jeffrey York, a professor of sustainability and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, suggests that entrepreneurship could be the solution to the climate crisis. Environmental entrepreneurship offers solutions that create ecological and economic benefits  Being an environmentalist and a businessperson helps entrepreneurs recruit a broader range of people, inviting […]

California virus war slams into its other crisis: wildfires

By David R Baker and Mark Chediak, Bloomberg Green Highlights Social distancing and stay at home mandates have made preparing for wildfire season harder, limiting tree trimming, controlled burns, and powerline maintenance. Though California may suffer another severe fire season, the U.S. Forest Service has suspended in-person training for firefighters In the State budget Governor […]

Fires are coming. But PG&E and some cities are holding up battery backups

By Sammy Roth, The Los Angeles Times Highlights Solar installation companies are working to get projects done before the next wildfire season starts in Calfornia, but restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic is making it hard to do business. Some cities are refusing to issue permits for solar and storage installations as county buildings are […]

Coronavirus is not just a health crisis — it’s an environmental justice crisis

 By Yvette Cabrera, Grist Highlights There are large disparities in COVID-19 deaths among people who have historically faced environmental justice issues within the US.  African-American communities have historically been disproportionately housed near sources of large pollution, particularly in the South, leading these communities to develop asthma, cancers, and other respiratory problems This life long exposure […]