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What greater good? COVID is unmasking America’s collective action problem

Climate Action Now
Photo by pxfuel / Fridays for Future.

by Shannon Osaka, Grist


  • The failure of Americans to wear protective masks in order to keep themselves and those around them safe highlights a collective action issue the country faces
  • The climate crisis is the world’s most notorious collective action problem because all countries would need to participate and lower emissions all together
  • Political party preference illustrates that democrats are likely to support actions that benefit communities as a whole, while conservatives are more individualistic 
  • A poll by Morning Consult discovered that those who worry about climate change are more likely to wear masks to protect themselves and others from coronavirus than those who choose not to wear masks

The Climate Center’s Theory of Change asserts that by engaging and mobilizing just 3.5 percent of the population, we can succeed in creating effective change for our climate. This means that we can address this crisis without support from climate deniers. The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign is a powerful solution to the climate crisis and is built on our Theory of Change.

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