These 4 toss-up Senate races might determine the fate of the planet

by Shannon Osaka, Grist Highlights There are 35 Senate seats being voted on this November, with Maine, North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana being deciding factors on whether a new administration could pass effective climate legislation. Iowa – Joni Ernst (R) vs. Theresa Greenfield (D)  Joni Ernst previously received funding from Charles and the late David … Read more

Congressional climate strategy includes microgrids and climate justice

Last week, Democrats on the US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis issued a report, “Solving the Climate Crisis, “ which provides an emissions reduction policy framework which seeks to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Here’s a link to a summary article from Vox about the report.  One of the recommendations in the report is … Read more

The plan meant to unite Biden and Bernie voters on climate is here

by Emily Pontecorvo, Grist Highlights After Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination, he joined forces with Former Vice President Joe Biden to create a climate task force Other members of the task force included Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash, and Catherine Flowers, the founder of the … Read more

House Democrats’ climate plan is ambitious, but is it enough?

On Tuesday House Democrats unveiled a package of more than 120 pieces of legislation that seek to drive a transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the plan ties climate action to racial justice. Some pundits are saying that the plan shows just how far progressives have pushed the climate conversation. The plan is very similar to the Green New Deal, but lacks a ban on fracking and other rapid fossil fuel phase-out measures that will be required to avoid already looming climate catastrophe.

The psychology of Coronavirus vs. climate change: Why we mobilize for one, not the other

by Patty Wetli, WTTW Chicago Highlights The human response to Coronavirus is more urgent because it is considered an “immediate” issue, as opposed to the climate crisis, which appears to many to be a distant threat Behavioral economist Katherine Milkman explains that our inaction on climate change and our collective mobilization on the Coronavirus is … Read more

L.A.’s Mayor launches directive to advance L.A.’s Green New Deal

Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti Credit: Global Climate Action Summit , Nikki Ritcher Photography Highlights: Mayor Eric Garcetti recently signed an Executive Directive, L.A.’s Green New Deal, which includes measures to: Promote walking, bicycling and micro-mobility with a comprehensive Citywide network of active transportation corridors, including Class IV protected bike lanes, Class I paths along regional waterways, and Class III low-stress neighborhood bike improvements.   Support Metro in the … Read more

The Climate Center’s youth demand real action– climate policy for rapid decarbonization

Youth speak at the Climate Strike in Santa Rosa on September 20, 2019

Over four million of us demonstrated across the world on September 20th. School strikers, unions, businesses, teachers, scientists, celebrities, and religious organizations took to the streets. Hearing the call to action from Greta Thunberg, people united across time zones and cultures to fight the fossil fuel industry for our future. While we might all expect … Read more

Reflections on China’s Approach to Climate Action

by Paola Alvarado, ECO2school Program Coordinator  |  8/31/2015 One of our very own team members, Paola Alvarado, was granted the opportunity through a partnership between Volunteers in Asia and the U.S State Department of Education and Cultural Affairs to chaperone a group of 17 vibrant young students as they explored Hong Kong and Guangzhou China … Read more