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Three-quarters of Americans want to know more about presidential candidates’ plans to tackle global warming: poll

by Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone Highlights New data compiled by Yale University shows that an average of 76% of US adults expressed interest in news stories about the climate plans from the Trump Administration and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden  In California, 80% of people expressed interest in the candidates’ climate plans as the state … Read more

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California fires: Climate hellscape science warned us of is here

by The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board, The Los Angeles Times Highlights The west coast of the United States is currently experiencing the climate catastrophe scientists have been warning the world about for decades Around 2 million acres of land have burned in California from this year’s early fire season Though some fires were accidentally … Read more

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Congressional Climate Crisis Action Plan would decarbonize U.S., add $8 trillion in benefits by 2050

Congressional climate action plan

by Megan Mahajan, Forbes Highlights The U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis has released their climate policy report titled Solving the Climate Crisis: The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient and Just America  Climate policy firm Energy Innovation modeled a subset of the Select Committee’s recommendations using … Read more

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How Amazon is bringing the Keystone XL Pipeline online

by Steve Horn, OneZero Highlights TC Energy, a Canadian pipeline corporation that owns the Keystone XL pipeline, has partnered with Amazon Web Services  The Keystone XL pipeline would carry oil from Alberta to Nebraska but its permit was recently vacated by a federal judge This announcement comes after Google declared it would not help create … Read more

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Earth Day 2030: California celebrates reaching net-negative emissions

Golden Gate by Benjamin W.

Let’s imagine it is April 2030. In the early 2020s, as the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, we in California finally addressed the climate crisis at the speed and scale science demanded. Nation & World Collaborating for Speed & Scale Climate Action Today, Earth Day 2030, we celebrate the deep systemic changes we have collectively … Read more

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250,000 deaths a year from climate change is a ‘conservative estimate,’ research says

Hurricane Katrina

by Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News Highlights The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that climate change could result in 250,000 deaths per year, and a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that number could be even higher. Deaths from climate change would be a result of global increases in malaria, diarrhea, … Read more

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UNITED IN SCIENCE: High-level synthesis report of latest climate science (Sept 2019)

See this excellent United Nations high level climate science synthesis (Sept 22 2019) of the latest from the advisory group to the UN Climate Action Summit. You can read the press release and summary here.  This is provides the scientific foundation for much more bold action in California– accelerated timelines and more aggressive policies to … Read more

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Transform grief and outrage, but how?

Are you feeling grief, outrage, or both? Please join us and use these feelings as fuel to create something powerful and positive. How? One word: Solutions. Let’s spread clean energy solutions that create jobs, stabilize energy prices, and offer an alternative model that gives power to the people. The Climate Center has solutions that do just this. Please … Read more