California Gov. Brown

Cap and Trade is supposed to solve climate change, but oil and gas company emissions are up

by Lisa Song, Propublica Gov. Jerry Brown took the podium at a July 2017 press conference to lingering applause after a steady stream of politicians praised him for helping to extend California’s signature climate policy for another decade. Brown, flanked by the U.S. and California flags, with a backdrop of the gleaming San Francisco Bay, […]

Australia fires won’t be contained for weeks

by DW Bushfires in eastern Australia destroyed more than 50 homes and injured 13 firefighters on Wednesday, according to officials. 150 fires were burning across the states of New South Wales and Queensland. Police ordered more mass evacuations, including the population of the popular tourist destination of Noosa, north of Brisbane. Firefighters told people to […]

CARB’s raging debate about carbon offsets for the Amazon rainforest

by Julia Rosen, LA Times Smoke is still rising from the Amazon as fires smolder in the world’s largest rainforest. The blazes triggered a wave of global outrage over the loss of precious trees. But California says it has a plan to keep tropical forests standing. This week, state officials will consider a proposal to […]

Solutions for the third largest source of emissions – food waste

by Maddie Stone, Grist Earlier this month, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a dire report highlighting the enormous environmental impact of agriculture. But the report also pointed to a clear way for us to feed more mouths without causing more planetary destruction: We can stop wasting food. Globally, we humans squander up […]

Why reducing emissions from cars and trucks will be hard – and solutions

by David Keith and Christopher R. Knittel, The Conservation A growing number of cities, states and countries aim to dramatically reduce or even eliminate carbon emissions to avert catastrophic levels of climate change. Ideas about how to get this done as soon as possible, including those Democratic lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have sketched out […]

Coal, oil, and natural gas demand hits record high in 2018

by Eric Holthaus, Grist If the world is going to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Last year, we took another lurching step toward planetary catastrophe. Demand for coal, oil, and natural gas hit new all-time highs in 2018, according to a worrying new report […]

Planting 1.2 trillion trees could cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions, scientists find

by Yale Environment 360 There is enough room in the world’s existing parks, forests, and abandoned land to plant 1.2 trillion additional trees, which would have the CO2 storage capacity to cancel out a decade of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new analysis by ecologist Thomas Crowther and colleagues at ETH Zurich, a Swiss […]

The US could mitigate a fifth of its carbon emissions through wildlands

by The Nature Conservancy When it comes to the impact and potential of land management on global warming, everything really is bigger in Texas. Unless you’re talking about agricultural lands—then everything is bigger in Iowa. Or if you’re talking about the impact of urban trees, that’s biggest in Florida—though it’s also pretty big in Texas. […]

World agrees to cut shipping emissions 50 percent by 2050

by John H. Cushman Jr., InsideClimate News The UN’s International Maritime Organization has approved the world’s first broad agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions from worldwide ocean shipping and said it hopes to phase them out entirely “as soon as possible in this century.” The agency called the agreement, reached by countries on Friday, a […]


Climate-friendly air travel – say what?

by Gero Rueter, DW Air travel is bad for the climate – but it doesn’t have to be. Climate-friendly flight routes and renewable jet fuel could make flying in planes way more environmentally friendly – this would just need to be implemented. Increasing global air traffic is commonly regarded as a climate catastrophe, with the aviation […]