The Climate Center is working with powerful coalitions of advocates to demand accelerated, equitable climate policies. California, as the world’s fifth-largest economy, must step up its climate leadership to catalyze action by other states, nations, and the world for a climate-safe Earth. Below is a list of recent Letters of Support or Opposition we have sent to policymakers, along with our partners, to enact the policies we need to achieve net-negative emissions and resilient communities by 2030.

Support Letters – 2022

Bills sponsored by The Climate Center:

AB 2649 (C. Garcia) Sponsored by The Climate Center. Sets targets for natural and working lands carbon dioxide sequestration.

SB 833 (Dodd) Sponsored by The Climate Center. The Community Energy Resiliency Act of 2022.

Letters of Support for other bills:

AB 1001 (C. Garcia) Aims to have the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) better align with environmental justice principles at the state and local levels.

AB 1939 (L. Rivas) Climate education in grade school.

AB 2076 (L. Rivas) Would establish an extreme heat and community resilience program.

AB 2550 (Arambula) Attainment of Air Quality Standards. Also see May 16 Coalition Letter of Support.

AB 2816 (Ting) EV incentives aimed at gasoline super-users.

SB 260 (Wiener) Large corporation GHG reporting

SB 379 (Wiener) Will provide resources to local governments to support online permitting of solar and storage installations.

SB 778 (Becker) Includes concrete in the CA Buy Clean program.

SB 852 (Dodd) Creates Climate Resilience Districts

SB 905 (Skinner) Carbon capture of process emissions from cement manufacture.

SB 1112 (Becker) Related to building decarbonization.

SB 1158 (Becker) Integrated Resource Plan greenhouse gas reporting.

SB 1173 (L. Gonzalez) CalPERS and CalSTRS fossil fuel divestment.

SB 1251 (Gonzalez) Creates a California Office of Zero Emission Vehicle Equity Advocate

SB 2667 (Friedman) Funding Distributed Energy Resources

SCR 53 (McGuire) Declaration of a climate emergency.

Support-if-Amended – 2022

AB 1218 (McCarty) Internal combustion vehicle phaseout. Died in committee.

Letters of Opposition – 2022

SB 733 (Hueso) Gas utility renewable hydrogen procurement.

SB 1101 (Caballero) Carbon sequestration: pore space ownership and Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Program

SB 1399 (Wieckowski) Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

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