Position Letters

The Climate Center advocates for accelerated, equitable climate policies. California, as the world’s fourth-largest economy, must step up its climate leadership to catalyze action by other states, nations, and the world to ensure a climate-safe future for all. Below are this year’s letters of support or opposition we have sent to policymakers, along with our partners, to enact the policies we need to reduce climate pollution and build resilient communities by 2030.

Position Letters – 2024 (See below for previous years)

Comment letters

Coalition Letter to Governor Newsom re. environmental justice rules for hydrogen tax credits, February 12, 2024

Coalition Letter to California Air Resources Board re. environmental justice rulemaking, January 30, 2024

Coalition Letter to state leaders re. transportation funding in the state budget, January 23, 2024

Joint Comments with the California Energy Commission re. CERI Program Solicitation Manual, January 19, 2024

Joint Comments with the California Public Utiities Commission re. Transportation Electrification Policy and Infrastructure, January 19, 2024

Joint Letter to Governor Newsom, Senate pro-Tem Atkins, and Speaker Rivas re. oil and gas subsidies, January 9, 2024

Opposition Letters

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