Robert Stafford

Robert Stafford is a Research Associate, focusing on Transportation Electrification and Grid Resiliency, and a part of the Electric School Bus Initiative. Robert comes to World Resources Institute from San Diego Gas & Electric, where he was the lead designer for their Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program. 

How Electric Vehicles Can Transform the Energy Landscape


Electric vehicles (EVs) have enormous potential to help us address multiple problems at once. They can significantly lower energy costs for consumers, reduce harmful air pollution, and contribute to a more resilient electricity system by storing energy in their batteries for use during extreme weather events. Current technology allows an electric car battery to power … Read more

Zach Woogen

Zach Woogen is a Senior Consultant at Strategen, supporting go-to-market strategy for clients in the V2X and smart charging space. He is Senior Policy Manager for Strategen’s nonprofit association client, Vehicle-Grid Integration Council, where he manages regulatory, policy, and market development efforts, covering rate and program design, interconnection rules and regulations, and managed charging and V2X technology in the leading VGI markets. Prior to joining Strategen, Zach was a Project Manager with Bay-Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network (BEACN) in energy strategy.

Melissa Chan

Melissa Chan has over 20 years of experience advising, planning, deploying, and evaluating energy infrastructure deployment from centralized coal to microgrids. A two-time entrepreneur and industry consultant before joining Fermata Energy, Melissa has launched new grid edge technologies that deliver benefits to utilities and their customers. She holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon.

Rachel Zook

Rachel Zook collaborates with utilities and government agencies across the United States to develop pathways for scaling vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Prior to joining Nuvve, Rachel worked as a program manager at the Center for Sustainable Energy, where she focused on electric vehicle projects in New York State and Oregon.

Business Network Breakfast: Strategies for Removing Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere


California has just set some of the most ambitious targets in the world for natural carbon removal. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tells us that, in addition to rapidly cutting emissions, we must remove about a trillion tons of carbon from the atmosphere by the end of the century to stay below … Read more

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California announces first-of-their-kind nature-based climate targets

California recently announced ambitious, nation-leading targets for nature-based climate solutions. These new targets were established per AB 1757, signed into law in 2022 thanks to The Climate Center’s collaborative leadership and all of you who took action in support! Over the next 20 years, the state will work to transform more than half of its … Read more

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Tell California leaders to introduce a bond for climate solutions

The climate bond will protect clean air investments and thriving nature in California. Photo via Canva.

Facing a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit, California is about to walk back critical investments in a climate-safe future. The best pathway we have to protecting climate resilience programs across the state is to introduce a robust, equitable climate bond on November’s ballot. We must act at the speed and scale the climate crisis demands, which means … Read more

Vikrum Aiyer

Vikrum Aiyer is Head of Global Public Policy at Heirloom Carbon, where his team works to align climate policy, legislative strategies, and community benefits agreements to accelerate carbon mineralization sciences that can remove greenhouse gasses from the air, in support of our UN climate goals and our State’s net-zero energy future. He previously held roles in the Obama Administration including as senior policy advisor in the White House National Economic Council, and as Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property. Aiyer also served as the global vice president of the startup-up Postmates, where he oversaw the public policy and communications team, led a multimillion-dollar effort to reform California’s safety net, and led negotiations with labor unions and the Newsom Administration.

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With revised budget, Governor Newsom cuts climate investments but protects fossil fuel subsidies

SACRAMENTO — Moments ago, Governor Newsom revealed key details of his May budget revision to be released next week, cementing his intentions to cut billions of dollars from programs designed to clean the air and reduce climate pollution. Despite a multibillion-dollar deficit, the governor is yet to respond to advocates’ calls to eliminate all tax … Read more