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Charging ahead with EV charging

Doron Amiran works on electric vehicle adoption policies and programs for the The Climate Center. In this month of July, as we reflect back on America’s history, we remember Paul Revere’s cry, “The British are coming!” Current times merit new warnings, only this time, there’s good news: The electric cars are coming.  Almost half a […]

Around the world in an electric vehicle

Sonoma County resident Alan Soule recently completed a circumnavigation of the globe, driving the entire route in his electric car. Driving from Barcelona westward, Mr. Soule crossed 20 countries and covered almost 16,000 miles without consuming a single drop of gasoline. Mr. Soule represented our nation as Team USA, participating in the 80-eDays challenge, in […]

Dude, Where’s My Gas?

In the early days of the “horseless carriage,” if you wanted to purchase gasoline for your fancy new contraption, you went to a hardware store or blacksmith shop, where someone would fill up a 5-gallon container and pour it into your tank. Of course, in those early days of mechanized transportation, your car may have […]