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Youth-led staged “die-in” successful in raising awareness about climate change dangers

A staged "die-in" at Santa Rosa mall to demonstrate the perils of climate change

by Gavin Sellers and Amy Jolly The Climate Center staff members recently turned out to participate in a youth-led climate strike. The action, organized by the Sonoma County Sunrise Movement, began at Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa, where about 50 youth members and supporting individuals assembled at 12:00 pm on Friday, December 6th. The participants … Read more

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The Climate Center’s youth demand real action– climate policy for rapid decarbonization

Youth speak at the Climate Strike in Santa Rosa on September 20, 2019

Over four million of us demonstrated across the world on September 20th. School strikers, unions, businesses, teachers, scientists, celebrities, and religious organizations took to the streets. Hearing the call to action from Greta Thunberg, people united across time zones and cultures to fight the fossil fuel industry for our future. While we might all expect … Read more

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The Climate Center youth scholarship program now open

In all of human history, we have never known an existential threat like climate change. But humans are cognitively wired to deny, ignore, or remain complacent to the crisis regardless of the floods, droughts, wildfires, rising sea levels, and other evidence surrounding us. With the current federal administration, climate change deniers and fossil fuel leaders … Read more

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Meet our World Changers program interns

The Climate Center’s World Changers program is fostering the next generation of climate leaders. This semester we have two interns, one from Sonoma State and one from the Santa Rosa Junior College who are putting their knowledge and passion together for climate action. Allison Piazzoni is a senior at Sonoma State University. She will be … Read more

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BayCLIC tackles transportation

The Bay Area Climate Literacy Impact Collaborative (BayCLIC) is a professional network dedicated to ensuring that visitors to the Bay Area’s array of renowned educational institutions learn about the core elements of climate change and feel both motivated and empowered to take action. The Climate Center plays a support role for BayCLIC, facilitating and coordinating … Read more

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Center’s World Changers scholars engage peers for impact

Meet the World Changers: The Climate Center’s ECO2school’s Youth Leadership Development program provides climate leadership training for Sonoma County’s high school youth. The upcoming generation have been brought up in an unsustainable high-energy-consumption lifestyle. They need a pathway away from dirty energy consumption and toward a positive future. Through our ECO2school Program, the Center supports … Read more

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Center wins World Changers grant from Community Foundation

Jackie Fragoso of Roseland University Prep holding her ECO2school certificate

The Climate Center is pleased to announce the award of our World Changers grant by the Community Foundation. World Changers will structure a career pathway for the next generation of climate leaders by providing formative internships. World Changers invests in the next generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers applying themselves to the challenge of … Read more

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The state of climate education

With the recent March for Science as well as the threats to climate research, it’s timely to assess the state of climate education. Schools are the primary venue for creating a foundation of scientific understanding and key scientific concepts, as well as an appreciation of how scientists assess evidence and reach conclusions. Youth will be … Read more

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Welcome, Laura Ibsen

We are pleased to welcome Laura Ibsen as the new Program Coordinator for ECO2schools at The Climate Center! Laura brings a wealth of experience and education to her new roll. Previously Laura worked for the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. She is passionate about cycling and loves to encourage others to bike and drive less. Laura has … Read more