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Meet our World Changers program interns

The Climate Center’s World Changers program is fostering the next generation of climate leaders. This semester we have two interns, one from Sonoma State and one from the Santa Rosa Junior College who are putting their knowledge and passion together for climate action.

Allison Piazzoni is a senior at Sonoma State University. She will be graduating in May with a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Biology. She is passionate about the outdoors, conservation, and climate education and looking forward to a lifelong career in environmental advocacy and fulfilling conservation work. When she is not working she is hiking, swimming, painting, and encouraging sustainable living practices to her friends and family! “I am excited to be interning with The Climate Center this spring, alongside many successful and inspiring climate advocates,” she says. Allison is researching speed-and-scale solutions to transportation in Sonoma County and will be producing a paper on the current situation and possible steps toward carbon-neutral transportation.

Ivy Stuart is a double Agriculture and Business major at Santa Rosa Junior College. Her goal is to run her own 100 percent organic, self-sustaining vegetable farm, to provide the community local organic produce.  The model farm will utilize renewable resources, minimize greenhouse gases, and reduce animal-produced GHGs while implementing cruelty free farming practices. Relatively new to climate activism, Ivy’s passion for change sparked in Sacramento. She is inspired and ready to make the jump into developing speed and scale solutions so we all can thrive.

The World Changers Program is supported by the Kimball and Evans Foundations. To find out more about college internships with the Center visit our website at eco2schoo.org. We are now accepting applications for summer internships.