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Solutions that scale

Your investment helps us transform 17 million Californians’ relationship with energy.

60% Incubate Solutions

We invest 60% of our resources in Sonoma County to incubate climate solutions.


  • Game-changing innovations
  • Replicable models

40% Spread Success to California

We invest 40% of our resources to spread the success of our solutions to the rest of California.


  • Statewide impact
  • Policy impact
Solutions that scale

By incubating and spreading Community Choice Energy throughout California and beyond, you and The Climate Center are at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.  It’s time to stop lining the pockets of the fossil fuel industry and to move our money and our power into a clean energy economy that will benefit us all.

Letter to our supporters

Dear supporters,

Thank you for your commitment to our work and to addressing the climate crisis. You advance solutions that really make a difference.

Fifteen years ago Mike Sandler and I founded The Climate Center. Our vision was to align government, business, youth, and the whole community in Sonoma County, and do something so amazing that other communities would follow suit. This is happening.

Throughout these 15 years, the critical factor in the equation has been YOU – your aspirations, generosity, determination, and faith. You are the difference that makes a difference. What can we make happen in the next five years? What innovative solutions will we incubate here in Sonoma County? How will we spread the successes throughout California and beyond?

We invite you to keep dreaming big with us. Help turn our 5-year strategy into action, and transform at least 17 million Californians’ relationship with energy. By dreaming big and working together, we create a positive future for our children and all life.


Ann Hancock

Executive Director

You are the solution!

Mounting evidence of the climate crisis is everywhere. For example, this August, Louisiana had 31 inches of rain in 15 hours, and the Blue Cut fire in Southern California was more explosive than anything seasoned firefighters there had ever seen. Globally, shrinking Arctic sea ice is shattering records, as are overall world temperatures. January to June 2016 was the planet’s warmest half-year on record.

You are part of the fellowship of people who are committed to turning this around. From the Pope to President Obama to Governor Brown to millions of people worldwide, we join together, speaking out, investing ourselves and our resources for proven solutions that bring down greenhouse gas emissions rapidly, significantly, and cost-effectively.

Scientists tell us that we have only a few critical years to put solutions in place. Chief among them is powering our homes, workplaces, and vehicles with clean energy. The Climate Center can mobilize to get this job done. Thanks for helping us get there.


Jane Bender