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In FY 2016, The Climate Center received the following financial support: $312,482 (32%) from individuals, $172,320 (18%) from businesses, $356,337 (37%) from grants and contracts, and $134,466 (13%) from symposium activities, beneficiary events, and other revenue.


Last year, The Climate Center increased operations expenses from $738,835 to $887,144. CCP invested 77% percent in programs and 23% in supporting and promoting programs.

Expenditures in FY 2016: $323,413 (36%) toward Community Choice Energy, $78,300 (9%) solar, $39,287 (4%) transportation,  $144,976 (16%) youth, $83,754 (10%) building the movement, $97,883 (11%) administration, and $106,067 (12%) resource development.

From 2015 to 2016, cash balance increased from $257,524 to $308,027. Our financial position improved with a 37% increase in total assets and a 34% increase in cash reserves. More detailed financial information is available on request.


Back row: Barry Vesser, Tim Holmes, Jim Mc Green, Carl Mears, Chris Call, Geoffrey Smith.
Middle row: Doron Amiran, Amy Jolly, Larry Robinson, Jane Bender, Martha Kowalick, Kristin Berger, Woody Hastings, Lawrence Jaffe.
Front row: Ann Hancock, Stacey Meinzen, Alina Huff, Laurie-Ann Barbour

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Ann Hancock, Executive Director
Barry Vesser, Deputy Director
Kristin Berger, Development Director
Niki Woodard, Communications/ Marketing Director*
Stacey Meinzen, Communications Manager*
Woody Hastings, Renewable Energy Manager
Amy Jolly, ECO2school Manager Alina Huff,
ECO2school Coordinator Geoffrey Smith,
Solar Sonoma County Coordinator
Doron Amiran, EV Manager
Laurie-Ann Barbour, Administrative Manager
*Transition in Communications Director position, September 2016


Jane Bender, President, Former Santa Rosa Mayor
Martha Kowalick, Secretary, Campaign Consultant
Chris Call, CPA, Treasurer
Tim Holmes, Energy Efficiency Professional
Lawrence Jaffe, Attorney
Jim McGreen, Entrepreneur/ Inventor
Carl Mears, Climate Scientist
Larry Robinson, Former Sebastopol Mayor

Strategic Advisors

Peter Barnes, Author & Cofounder, Working Assets
Dave Brennan, Former Sebastopol City Manager
Jeff Byron, Former CA Energy Commissioner
Ernie Carpenter, Former Sonoma County Supervisor
Kimberly Clement, Attorney
Connie Codding, Developer
Joe Como, Former Director, CA Office of Ratepayer Advocates
Andy Ferguson, Communications
John Garn, Business Consultant
Elizabeth C. Herron, PhD, Writer
Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions
Alan Strachan, Developer
Herb Williams, Consultant
Shirlee Zane, Sonoma County Supervisor Science

Technical Advisors

Fred Euphrat, Ph.D.
Dorothy Freidel, Ph.D.
Edward C. Myers, M.S.Ch.E.
Edwin Orrett, P.E.
John Rosenblum, Ph.D.
Zeno Swijtink, Ph.D.
Alexandra von Meier, Ph.D.
Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D.
Ken Wells, E.I.T.
Ai-Chu Wu, Ph.D.

Mobilizing People

The Climate Center is honored to work with the specialists in Silicon Valley and the San Joaquin Valley who spread solutions and inspire, align, and mobilize people.

Silicon Valley

Margaret Bruce

Since 2013 worked with us educating leaders in business, government, and the community at large about Community Choice Energy. Twenty years’ experience in sustainability and environmental policy from the local to the federal level.

Michael Closson

Since 2015 worked with us promoting Community Choice Energy. Environmental activist and consultant from Menlo Park. Previous experience includes executive director of several organizations, and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Stanford University.


Ruth Merino

Chair and founder of San Jose Community Energy, a local group working to establish a Community Choice Energy agency in San Jose. Retired City of San Jose Program Performance Auditor, trained by Al Gore, and Sierra Club member since 1992.

San Joaquin Valley


Dolores Weller

Special Advisor to Clean Power Exchange, and Executive Director of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, a 70+ member group advocating for clean air, public health, and environmental justice. Holds BA in Comparative Politics from UC San Diego.


Erik Cherkaski

Clean Power Exchange Correspondent for Fresno. Project Coordinator at Community and Economic Development, CSU Fresno. Experienced in policy, budgeting, and government affairs. Holds BA in Political Science, and MPA from CSU Fresno.


Pedro Hernández

Clean Power Exchange Correspondent for South San Joaquin Valley. Community organizer, historian, first-generation California, teacher of middle school to college level students. Holds BA in History from UC Berkeley.


Tulsi Patel

Clean Power Exchange Correspondent for San Joaquin County and Stockton. Attorney experienced in energy and climate policy, and state environmental standards. Holds Sociology degree from UCLA, and JD from Boston University School of Law.