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Washington State considers banning gas cars

By Sophie Bethune, American Psychological Association Highlights: Washington State considers banning internal combustion engine (“ICE”) vehicles by 2030. The concept has been introduced in various countries such as Norway, the UK, and Denmark in efforts to lessen transportation emissions The Washington bill, HB 2515, would ban the sale of new ICE cars by 2030, including … Read more

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L.A.’s Mayor launches directive to advance L.A.’s Green New Deal

Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti Credit: Global Climate Action Summit , Nikki Ritcher Photography

LAMayor.org Highlights: Mayor Eric Garcetti recently signed an Executive Directive, L.A.’s Green New Deal, which includes measures to: Promote walking, bicycling and micro-mobility with a comprehensive Citywide network of active transportation corridors, including Class IV protected bike lanes, Class I paths along regional waterways, and Class III low-stress neighborhood bike improvements.   Support Metro in the … Read more

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Gov. Newsom should invest in clean transportation. It will make California healthier

Clean Transportation, by DAVID ILIFF, found on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainable_transport#/media/File:C_Class_Tram,_Melbourne_-_Jan_2008.jpg

by Bill Magavern, CalMatters Highlights: Governor Gavin Newsom should cut diesel pollution as fast as possible Even though California is leading the nation in the advancement of clean transportation technologies, cars account for the largest greenhouse gas emissions Solutions to the California emissions problem include: deployment of more EVs, more pedestrian and bike paths in … Read more