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Washington State considers banning gas cars

By Sophie Bethune, American Psychological Association


Washington State considers banning internal combustion engine (“ICE”) vehicles by 2030.

  • The concept has been introduced in various countries such as Norway, the UK, and Denmark in efforts to lessen transportation emissions
  • The Washington bill, HB 2515, would ban the sale of new ICE cars by 2030, including hybrid vehicles
  • The bill was introduced after the legislative period ended, thereby missing the cut-off date for a vote, but still has momentum
  • Rural conservative leaders of the state have expressed opposition to the bill, citing lack of Electric Vehicle infrastructure, short battery range, and costs
  • Groups that are financially backed by fossil fuel companies– such as the Western States Petroleum Association and American Energy Alliance– oppose the bill

Transitioning from internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles is a key component of The Climate Center’s clean mobility work in California.

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