Unchecked global warming could collapse whole ecosystems, maybe within 10 years

Tunnel View of Yosemite and bark beetle infestation damage. October 2016 by Aleta Rodriguez.

By Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News Highlights Due to climate change, many species and ecosystems will collapse starting as soon as this decade, according to a new study in Nature. Species living in Southern, Appalachian, and Western states are particularly vulnerable to climate effects. Anywhere between 20%-40% of species will experience life-altering conditions due to … Read more

Climate change increasing fire weather days in California; emissions reductions can reverse this

from Environmental Research Letters Highlights As the state gets warmer every year due to the effects of climate change, California’s wildfire season is being fueled by offshore winds, dry vegetation, and drought. These fires result in public health risks from smoke and can result in long term energy shutoffs.  Fire Causes Human exposure and vulnerability … Read more

Unexpected surge in methane emissions has scientists worried

from Climate Nexus Highlights There is a noticeable global surge in methane emissions with the U.S. accounting for the largest source of growth.  If this trend continues, all progress made towards reaching Paris Agreement climate goals will be lost.  Though tropical wetlands may play a role, scientists agree that large methane emissions are from the … Read more

Month of unprecedented global cooperation on climate change

October has been a remarkable month for global cooperation on climate change mitigation.  Three landmark agreements illustrate a new willingness to work together to tackle the problem. October 5th: Paris Agreement reached threshold to take effect November 4th October 6th: New accord to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from aviation established October 15th: Deal to phase out … Read more

American climate attitudes, global response, and what works

The Climate Center (CCP) has operated for years on the premise that local control of energy resources is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. This is specifically because of the uncertainty of action at the federal level as the political tables turn at election times. CCP has coupled this tactic with a … Read more