Unexpected surge in methane emissions has scientists worried

from Climate Nexus Highlights There is a noticeable global surge in methane emissions with the U.S. accounting for the largest source of growth.  If this trend continues, all progress made towards reaching Paris Agreement climate goals will be lost.  Though tropical wetlands may play a role, scientists agree that large methane emissions are from the … Read more

Coronavirus shutdowns are lowering greenhouse gas emissions; history shows they’ll roar back

by Tony Barboza, The Los Angeles Times Highlights: As the world shelters-in-place due to the pandemic of COVID-19, greenhouse gas emissions have lowered. However, this reduction in emissions is temporary and emissions will rise again once the pandemic reaches an end: Once self-isolation and quarantines end, more people will travel by car and airplane, ruining … Read more

Food waste is worse than we thought and the rich may be to blame

By Heesu Lee, Bloomberg Highlights: The world is throwing away double the amount of food than previously estimated, according to a new report by Wageningen University & Research. The worlds richest are wasting more food at home compared to their less affluent counterparts Analysis by Wageningen Economic Research suggests that people are wasting over 300 calories … Read more

Green Deal law to make EU’s energy shift irreversible

by Ewa Krukowska, Bloomberg, January 28, 2020 Highlights The European Union is drafting a measure, titled the Green Deal, to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions entirely by 2050 in hopes to become the world’s first carbon neutral continent.  The EU wants to make their new climate law irreversible  The Green Deal is meant to keep Europe … Read more

‘Bleak’ U.N. Report on a Planet in Peril Looms Over New Climate Talks

Deeper and faster cuts are now required Global greenhouse gas emissions have grown by 1.5 percent every year over the last decade. To stay within relatively safe limits, emissions must decline sharply, by 7.6 percent every year, between 2020 and 2030. Even if every country fulfills its current pledges under the Paris Agreement — and … Read more

The methane mystery is solved, giving direction and hope

Aerial view of fracking wells.

by Andy Ferguson A scientific mystery has been solved, giving direction and hope on the climate front. Methane is 102 times more powerful than CO2 as a cause of climate change, but because it remains in the atmosphere an average of only nine years, reducing methane emissions offers quick and tangible results for fighting climate … Read more

Sonoma County Emissions Down in 2011

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Have Fallen 14% in Three Years Santa Rosa – Sonoma County greenhouse gas emissions totaled 3.8 million tons in 2011, according to a new report by the Climate Protection Campaign. This marks a reduction of 170,000 tons from the previous year and 600,000 tons from the county’s high mark in 2008. “We might actually … Read more