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With revised budget, Governor Newsom cuts climate investments but protects fossil fuel subsidies

SACRAMENTO — Moments ago, Governor Newsom revealed key details of his May budget revision to be released next week, cementing his intentions to cut billions of dollars from programs designed to clean the air and reduce climate pollution. Despite a multibillion-dollar deficit, the governor is yet to respond to advocates’ calls to eliminate all tax … Read more

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California leaders must save lives, not polluters

Right now, Governor Newsom and the state legislature are in critical budget negotiations. The governor will issue his revised budget proposal on May 14, then the legislature will have until June 15 to vote on the final budget. The governor’s budget still includes billions in potential cuts to climate and clean air investments that would … Read more

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Q1 lobbying: Big Oil spends over $7.2 million fighting bills to make polluters pay

Chevron, WSPA biggest spenders, with Chevron putting $3 million into pro-polluter front groups. Big Oil on pace for annual expenditure record.

Chevron is California's top corporate polluter and top spender on lobbying and other tactics to influence to state leaders. Photo by Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons.

SACRAMENTO — Lobbying disclosures for quarter one show that the oil industry spent over $7.2 million to kill California legislation that would make corporate polluters pay their fair share. The top five oil industry spenders alone spent over $6.1 million to influence California state leaders, led by Chevron at over $3 million. The Western States … Read more

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AB 3107 (Connolly) Microgrid Study Bill

Status: Active
Year: 2024

Microgrids provide clean, affordable, locally sourced energy to the communities they serve. They are a great tool to enhance reliability and alleviate stress on the electrical grid during emergency events like heat waves. As originally introduced, AB 3107 would distinguish microgrids from electrical corporations. Instead of being subject to onerous regulations by the California Public … Read more

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Testimony: Invest now or California’s climate goals will be out of reach

The Fairview Fire killed two people and burned 28,000 acres near Riverside County in 2022. Photo via CALFIRE.

On April 24, 2024, the California Assembly Budget Subcommittee on the Climate Crisis, Resources, Energy, and Transportation met to hear from experts and the public on the proposed 2024-2025 state budget. Facing a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit, Governor Newsom has proposed billions in potential cuts to climate and energy investments. If approved by the legislature, the … Read more

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Budget cuts threaten California’s progress on natural climate solutions

Farmworker in California's Central Valley. Photo by Canva.

SACRAMENTO — On Monday, the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) released a new set of targets for nature-based climate solutions as required by AB 1757 (C. Garcia and R. Rivas, 2022). While the new targets should help California sequester more carbon on our natural and working lands than we emit, they mean little without state … Read more

California’s Community Choice Agencies Celebrate Success


Across California, 24 Community Choice Agencies provide clean power to more than 14 million customers. Community Choice Agencies are local, not-for-profit government agencies that empower communities to purchase electrical power on behalf of their residents. In this webinar, we’ll celebrate the successes of California’s Community Choice Agencies and Sonoma Clean Power’s tenth anniversary. Sonoma Clean … Read more

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AB 2734 (Connolly) Healthy Soils Program Updates

Status: Active
Year: 2024

AB 2734 updates the Healthy Soils Program in a number of ways, including providing advance payment rates of up to 50%, allowing equipment sharing as a part of technical assistance grants, and establishing a common application for all of the Climate Smart Agriculture Technical Assistance Grant programs. This bill would incentivize farming methods that promote … Read more

Ana Rosa Rizo-Centino

Environmental Justice Workforce Alliance Coordinating Team. Ana Rosa’s work focuses on community co-empowerment, government transparency, environmental justice issues, and support for working families. Ana has served as Network Manager of the Central Coast Climate Justice Network (C3JN), Central Coast Senior Organizer for Food & Water Watch, Mayor and Planning Commissioner for the City of Maywood, Executive Director for PUEBLO & PUEBLO Education Fund, California Lead Organizer for the National Farm Worker Ministry, and the National Coordinator for the Student Labor Action Project for the United States Student Association and Jobs with Justice. She currently works for the United Farm Workers. 

Joanne O’Neill

Joanne serves as the Director of Customer Programs at Clean Power Alliance, leading a mix of programs promoting electric vehicles and buildings, demand response, energy resiliency, and low-income community solar. She has over 15 years of experience delivering customer programs within the utility and consulting space. This includes over 5 years of leading the California operations at CLEAResult, the largest provider of emission-reducing energy solutions across North America, and more than 10 years at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). When at PG&E, Joanne designed and implemented numerous customer programs and led the strategy for the implementation of time-of-use rates.