Webinar: What the Science Requires

This webinar is the first in The Climate Center’s Climate Safe California webinar series. After what we have all been through in 2020, it is clear that climate impacts are more severe than anticipated and are happening faster than we thought. Ben Santer, an award-winning climate scientist, who has stood up to the Trump administration’s attempts … Read more

Webinar: Phasing Out Fossil Fuels – A Just Transition in the Oil & Gas Drilling and Refining Sectors

Neighborhood Oil Drilling in Los Angeles

This webinar is the second in The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California webinar series. How do we transition away from fossil fuels to high-road, climate-friendly jobs? Speakers will discuss the current impacts of fossil fuel production on frontline communities and what needs to be done to address them, a plan for decommissioning California refineries, and the possibility … Read more

Webinar: Creating Climate Resilient Communities – What will it take?

This webinar is the third in The Climate Center’s Climate Safe California webinar series. To equitably reduce emissions and protect communities from worsening climate impacts, we must engage local voices in planning clean energy microgrids with storage to power resilience hubs, as well as health centers, fire stations, grocery stores, and other critical facilities during planned … Read more

Webinar: Clean Mobility – Driving to 2030 with Speed and Equity

This webinar focused on multiple aspects of transportation and mobility, with a focus on achieving equity in the transportation sector. It included experts on electric vehicles, heavy equipment and freight, and the policies that will transform the transportation sector. Emissions from the transportation sector account for just over half of all greenhouse gas emissions in … Read more

Webinar: Nature-based Sequestration – One Key to Solving our Climate Crisis

This webinar is the fifth in The Climate Center’s Climate Safe California webinar series. Reducing the carbon that we are putting into the atmosphere is not enough. We must also draw down and sequester hundreds of millions of metric tons of carbon. This webinar covered natural techniques for carbon sequestration through farming, ranching, and habitat restoration, … Read more

Webinar: Funding Climate Action – A Bond and Beyond

Hybrid solar/wind system, 2400W windturbines, 4000W solar modules, island Zirje, Croatia by Nenad Kajić / Veneko.hr

This webinar is the sixth in The Climate Center’s Climate Safe California webinar series. Decarbonizing our economy at the speed required by climate science will mean massive new investments in the needed solutions outlined in this webinar. This could come from thoughtful taxes, fees, bonds, or other financial instruments, and must include policy that leverages large-scale … Read more

Webinar: The Water-Energy Nexus – Driving Equitable Climate Solutions

There is a strong link, often referred to as the water-energy nexus, between water, energy, and the climate crisis. Reducing energy demand — and thereby reliance on fossil fuels — is necessary to drive the clean energy transition forward. Better water management can play a key role in driving down energy demand and its associated climate … Read more

Webinar: Learning About a Just Transition

Presented in Partnership with Labor Network for Sustainability This webinar will explore lessons from past economic transitions and offer recommendations for how to approach the transition away from fossil fuel production and toward a clean energy economy. We will hear from co-authors of Workers and Communities in Transition, a report from the Just Transition Listening Project, and representatives … Read more

Webinar: The Human and Economic Costs of Climate Inaction

This webinar is the first in The Climate Center’s Investing in Climate Action for Jobs, Health, and Equity webinar series. Achieving a climate-safe future for California will require massive investments, both public and private, in all sectors of the economy. But people across the state are already paying a heavy price for our tepid approach to … Read more

Webinar: Investing in Sustainable Mobility

This webinar is the third in The Climate Center’s Investing in Climate Action for Jobs, Health, and Equity webinar series. California’s transportation system is fossil-fueled and automobile-dependent. What sorts of investments are needed to create a 21st-century transportation system that can provide equitable access to work and play, while drastically reducing climate pollution from cars, trucks, … Read more