Webinar: CCAs and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Impacts and Responses

Community Choice agencies (CCAs) face many challenges due to the coronavirus disruption. They are also responding quickly in a variety of ways to help support their customers and their communities during this difficult time. Join this webinar to learn more about how CCAs are uniquely positioned to respond rapidly to the needs of their communities. … Read more

Webinar: Community Energy Resilience and Empowering Local Communities

Frog Song solar by Laurie-Ann Barbour

Our guests will provide insights into community clean energy resilience, including clean energy microgrids, empowering local governments and communities, utility justice, and supporting California’s most vulnerable communities in the face of the dual COVID-19 and climate crises. Amee Raval has a background in research and advocacy addressing the environmental and occupational health impacts of extreme … Read more

Webinar: Climate Justice – The California reality and what you can do

An active oil derrick in Signal Hill, Los Angeles. Photo by Tara Pixley.

Our guests presented on the health, economic and other consequences of our fossil fuel economy on lower-income communities and people of color, current legislative efforts, including AB 345, to reduce the disproportionate impacts on these frontline communities, and what actions we can take to secure an equitable, healthy and vibrant Climate-Safe California. Presentations: Katie Valenzuela slides (PDF) … Read more

Webinar: Soil as a climate solution

Torri Estrada, Executive Director of Carbon Cycle Institute and Wendy Millet, Ranch Director of TomKat Ranch joined moderator CEO Ellie Cohen for an inspiring conversation about the myriad benefits of carbon sequestration in farming and ranching for a climate-safe future. Torri and Wendy provided the basics of how soil carbon sequestration works, examples of regenerative agriculture successes from farms and … Read more

Webinar: Clean, accessible transportation– we all depend on it!

Terea Macomber, Electric Vehicle Director, Grid Alternatives, and Woody Hastings, Energy Program Manager, The Climate Center discussed the challenges and opportunities in securing equitable, clean, and climate-safe transportation policies and infrastructure, with moderator, CEO Ellie Cohen. With transportation the single largest measured source of greenhouse gases in California, a rapid transition to greenhouse gas-free, equitable mobility is a key … Read more

Webinar: Huge Win! Culver City says no to oil, yes to jobs

Co-hosted by Sierra Club and The Climate Center California Senator Holly Mitchell and Culver City council member Meghan Sahli-Wells, along with The Climate Center and The Sierra Club, talked about Culver City’s recent success securing a plan to phase out oil operations within 2500 feet of homes, parks, and schools– while calling for a just … Read more

Carbon 101 – Presentation from the Carbon Cycle Institute

Cattle Grazing Pasture

Executive Director Torri Estrada and Dr. Jeff Creque from the Carbon Cycle Institute (CCI) presented the underlying science of carbon sequestration. This includes how the carbon cycle is connected and drives climate change, the role of the terrestrial ecosystem, generally, and soils, specifically, in the dynamics of climate change. They provided an overview of carbon farming and how CCI and its partners are engaging … Read more

Webinar: Community Energy Resilience Planning for Local Governments

Solar panels on the rooftop of the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons Building.

Tanya Barham from Community Energy Labs and Kate Ringness from SmartBlock Communities held a conversation about Community Energy Resilience Planning for Local Governments. With another record-breaking fire season and associated power outages have brought to the forefront the need to enhance community energy resilience.  The Climate Center, in collaboration with Community Energy Labs, SmartBlock Communities; … Read more

Webinar: How to Get More out of Existing Solar and Storage Systems


Co-hosted by: There are new and commonly untapped revenue opportunities in California for solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems. This webinar explored the increased value of solar renewable energy certificates (RECs) and program participation opportunities for batteries in grid services and CCA programs. David Burdick of TeraVerde Energy will review these opportunities and discuss … Read more