Webinar: The Power of Collaboration Among CCAs – Data Platform

Please join us for the third in our series of four webinars on Community Choice Agencies (CCAs) and Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDERs). This webinar will focus on potential opportunities for CCAs to selectively work together to optimize efforts and resources, through continued knowledge sharing and ultimately collaboration as they define their role in the deployment of IDERs. As the Community Choice movement continues to grow and rapidly evolve in California, changes in market conditions and the regulatory landscape such as price volatility, the PCIA decision, changes in Resource Adequacy procurement, etc., are creating new challenges and barriers to entry for new and existing CCAs. Our focus will be on how collaboration between CCAs can help the agencies reduce costs, stabilize and fortify competitive retail rates, and reduce risk exposure as they navigate through the challenges and barriers ahead. As a primary example, we will explore how CCAs can benefit from a collaborative approach to developing an integrated CCA data platform.

Our presenters for this webinar include Taj Ait-Laoussine, Vice-President, Technology & Analytics for East Bay Community Energy, and Chris Sentieri, Senior Manager of the Climate Division, Blue Strike Environmental.

Mr. Sentieri will lead off by framing the rapidly changing situation, providing some context about the need for CCAs to get more sophisticated, a vision for how a data platform fits in, and what it can eventually enable, including IDER deployment. Mr. Ait-Laoussine will follow with a non-technical presentation about how to visualize the data platform, how it’s already paying dividends and could evolve, and then explore concepts of potential collaboration.