Webinar: An Electricity System Structure for the 21st Century

In this webinar, Lorenzo Kristov will describe a vision for the decentralized, democratized, and decarbonized electricity system that replaces the rigid and obsolete 100-year+ fossil and nuclear-based, regulated monopoly, central station model.

Lorenzo spent 19 years as Principal, Market and Infrastructure Policy at the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), where he was a lead designer of the locational marginal pricing market system the CAISO implemented in 2009. He later led initiatives to redesign the transmission planning and new generator interconnection processes to accommodate rapid growth of renewable energy projects triggered by California’s renewable portfolio standards. More recently he has focused on integrating distributed energy resources (DER) into markets, grid operations, and planning.

Topics Dr. Kristov will cover in this webinar include:
– Electric industry transition
– Distribution system operator (DSO) models
– Transmission-distribution interface coordination
– Electric system decentralization
– Grid architecture models
– CCA role in a re-imagined system
– Distributed energy resources
– TSO-DSO coordination with high DER
– Rules, regulations, and legislation related to all of the above

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