Burning thighs are better than a burning planet

My thighs are burning but better that than a burning planet! Having never done any more biking than commuting to work or buying groceries, I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for the Climate Ride California – riding 250 miles over 5 days from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo to raise … Read more

I electrified my cooking. You can too.

When I moved to Sonoma County where I live now, I brought with me a beautiful 60 year old gas stove from my childhood home in San Francisco. People often comment on it when they come into my kitchen. But, these days, even though I love to cook and do so often, I rarely use … Read more

Three Days, Three Neighbors, Three New Leafs

Patrick Picard

For Richard Senghas and Tina Poles, “Standing Rock was the last straw.”  Buying a Nissan Leaf through the Sonoma Clean Power Drive EverGreen program is “taking their next significant step towards weaning ourselves off fossil fuels,” Richard posted on Facebook.  Since they are EverGreen customers, he points out that the energy for the car is … Read more

The (energy) Times are A-Changin’

When I was growing up in the 70’s, natural gas was touted as the “clean energy.” Electricity was the evil, dirty energy. This is a paradigm I’ve been living for decades. But things are different now and I still find myself being surprised by what seems such a swift change in the energy landscape. Just 15 … Read more