Laurie-Ann Barbour

Administrative Executive Assistant

A native Californian, Laurie-Ann grew up in San Francisco and earned a BS in Soil Science from Cal Poly. After college she taught environmental education for elementary students. For 20 years she spent her summers leading Sierra Club Service trips throughout the western US. Locally, Laurie-Ann has worked for Green Mary and Laguna Farm as well as running her own organic, vegetarian catering business.

As the Administrative Executive Assistant for The Climate Center, Laurie-Ann strives to keep all the systems running smoothly and up to date, manages the donor database, and keeps track of birthdays.

Laurie-Ann is very proud of getting the zoning laws changed in her town to allow for backyard chickens. She lives with her daughter at FrogSong, a vibrant co-housing community which she helped found. When not staring at a screen, Laurie-Ann enjoys hiking, backpacking, bicycling, podcasts, political activism, cooking, spending time with friends, petting her cat and playing Boggle with her daughter (who pretty much always wins).