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Exxon’s plan for surging carbon emissions revealed in leaked documents

by Kevin Crowley and Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg Highlights Exxon Mobil is raising its yearly emissions to 17% by 2025, releasing an additional 21 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year according to the companies own assessment of its $210 billion investment strategy  New investment and growth plans come after the company experienced losses during the … Read more

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Tired of wells that threaten residents’ health, a small California town takes on the oil industry

Committee For A Better Arvin / Comite para un Arvin mejor

by Julia Kane, Inside Climate News Highlights In the Central Valley of California, exhaust from semi-trucks, oil and gas fumes, plus pesticides from the agricultural sector are trapped in the valley, creating mass pollution that creates severe health problems Health effects include asthma, respiratory illnesses, preterm birth, low birth weight, and cancer  Pollution caused by … Read more

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Breathing polluted air shortens people’s lives by an average of 3 years, a new study finds

by Neela Banerjee, Inside Climate News Highlights Air pollution, mainly from burning fossil fuels, reduces life expectancy worldwide by an average of 2.9 years and has led to 8.8 million premature deaths according to a new study in Cardiovascular Research. In North America, lives were shortened by 1.4 years on average due to air pollution. … Read more

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Washington State looks to a ban on new gas vehicles

Electric Vehicles Charging at a Station

by Danny Westneat, Seattle Times Highlights: The idea of banning new gas cars, formerly seen as too aggressive and radical, is picking up steam in Washington state: Ten Washington legislators introduced House Bill 2515, which aims to ban the registration of any new gas-powered passenger or light-duty trucks, starting ten years from now, in 2030 … Read more

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Want to do something about climate change? Follow the money

Divest from Fossil Fuel

by Lennox Yearwood Jr. and Bill McKibben, NY Times Highlights: JPMorgan Chase is among the worst companies to aid the rapid warming of the earth by lending billions to gas and oil companies. “Wells Fargo lent over $151 billion, Citibank lent over $129 billion and Bank of America lent over $106 billion” and “JPMorgan Chase … Read more