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Tell California leaders to introduce a bond for climate solutions

The climate bond will protect clean air investments and thriving nature in California. Photo via Canva.

Facing a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit, California is about to walk back critical investments in a climate-safe future. The best pathway we have to protecting climate resilience programs across the state is to introduce a robust, equitable climate bond on November’s ballot. We must act at the speed and scale the climate crisis demands, which means … Read more

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Tell Governor Newsom: Hold big corporations accountable for their climate pollution

Governor Newsom at UN Climate Week in 2023, where he committed to sign SB 253 and 261. Photo: Office of the California Governor.

Updated May 13, 2024. In 2023, Governor Newsom signed landmark climate laws to set stricter standards for corporate polluters. SB 253 and SB 261 are two first-in-the-nation laws that require major corporations doing business in California to report the full scope of their climate pollution and their climate-related financial risk. Huge corporations mounted fierce opposition … Read more

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Stop Big Oil’s carbon capture scam in California

Big Oil is pushing to greenlight the first-ever carbon capture and storage scam in California. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) prolongs the burning of fossil fuels and poses serious public health risks, despite Big Oil falsely advertising it as a climate solution. These projects have consistently proven ineffective, unsafe, and expensive. Fossil fuel corporations claim … Read more

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California state leaders: Allow virtual participation in public hearings for all Californians

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state legislature enacted new processes that allow Californians to participate in legislative hearings by phone. During public comment, constituents can share their support for or opposition to bills under discussion, a process known as “me too’s.” Californians across the state have an opportunity to participate in the … Read more

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Tell Governor Newsom and state leaders: Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and prioritize climate investments

Gavin Newsom by Charlie Kaijo

Governor Newsom’s proposed state includes billions in potential cuts to climate and energy investments but protects taxpayer-funded subsidies for oil and gas corporations. Coming off the hottest year on record, California needs to strengthen critical climate programs, not cut them. Every dollar we invest in fighting the climate crisis today will save lives! Facing a … Read more

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Urge state agencies to set ambitious targets to accelerate nature-based climate solutions

Climate solutions on farms, ranches, wetlands, forests, and more have the potential to draw down existing climate pollution and store it in soils and biomass while promoting food and water security and biodiversity. Out of California’s 105 million acres of land, approximately 90 percent has the potential to store planet-warming carbon.  Thanks to AB 1757 … Read more

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You can put a price tag on environmental and economic returns from protecting rangeland

by Karen Ross and Michael Delbar, Cal Matters Highlights New analysis from UC Berkeley found that 300,000 acres of protected rangeland can provide up to $1.4 billion a year in ecosystem benefits and that every dollar spent to protect working rangeland returned $3.43 on the investment in ecosystem benefits Managed grazing can help sequester carbon … Read more

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Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists


by Fiona Harvey, Grist Highlights According to a new study, restoration of Earth’s most degraded areas along with protections for areas still in good condition would help store an amount of carbon equivalent to half of all human-related greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution Restoration and protection would prevent 70% of anticipated species extinctions … Read more

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Scientists unveil a plan to prevent the next pandemic (and save nature at the same time)

by Shannon Osaka, Grist Highlights Preventing forest destruction, ending wildlife trading, and surveillance measures on emerging diseases before they spread are the tactics scientists are hoping will prevent the next pandemic, as published in the nature journal Science Forest destruction, particularly in tropical areas, causes animals to venture into human-populated areas in search of a … Read more

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Regenerative agriculture’s climate mitigation potential: a California perspective

from CalCAN Highlights Changing agricultural practices can allow soils to become regenerative, which can help California reach negative emissions Regenerative Agriculture helps farmers sequester carbon from the atmosphere and bury it deep below ground, directly helping to slow the climate crisis Cap and Trade funds in California help to financially support regenerative ag programs within … Read more