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Urge state agencies to set ambitious targets to accelerate nature-based climate solutions

Farmworker with beans by Canva

Climate solutions on farms, ranches, wetlands, forests, and more have the potential to draw down existing climate pollution and store it in soils and biomass while promoting food and water security and biodiversity. Out of California’s 105 million acres of land, approximately 90 percent has the potential to store planet-warming carbon. 

Thanks to AB 1757 — the bill we passed into law with more than 80 partners in 2022 — state agencies are now required to set ambitious targets for nature-based climate solutions, including natural carbon removal. We expect those targets to be released to the public in 2024. Thank you for everyone who took action urging California leaders to be as ambitious as possible!

The Climate Center and our partners remain focused on implementing other aspects of AB 1757. This includes an update to the Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy, the state plan to increase action on natural and working lands, as well as the process to set standards for measuring greenhouse gas emissions on our lands.

You can track progress, stay on top of upcoming Expert Advisory Committee meetings, and see notices for public comment opportunities here.