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Urge state agencies to set ambitious targets to accelerate nature-based climate solutions

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Climate solutions on farms, ranches, wetlands, forests, and more have the potential to draw down existing climate pollution and store it in soils and biomass while promoting food and water security and biodiversity. Out of California’s 105 million acres of land, approximately 90 percent has the potential to store planet-warming carbon. 

Thanks to AB 1757 — the bill we passed into law with more than 80 partners last year — state agencies have until the end of this year to set ambitious targets for nature-based climate solutions, including natural carbon removal. These approaches build resilience on our landscapes and support the state’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality.

Practices such as compost application, prescribed burns, urban tree-planting, and wetland conservation not only have carbon benefits, but they can also dramatically reduce the negative impacts of extreme weather events on our communities, economy, and infrastructure. For example, urban forestry keeps cities cooler during extreme heat events and helps prevent flooding during extreme rain events.

California has the opportunity to lead the nation in harnessing the power of nature to stabilize our climate. Urge state agencies to set measurable, ambitious, and strategic goals to do just that using the form below!

Urge state agencies to set ambitious, strategic, and measurable targets

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