Imagine that we tackle the climate crisis in a way that actually turns things around fast.

We present the case that averting climate disaster depends on the climate movement becoming much more powerful and effective and that this depends on climate leaders and advocates aligning and collaborating around an overarching strategy or theory of change.

We present our case in two parts:

  • A five-page introduction that includes our proposed overarching strategy
  • A twenty-page companion document that examines four common climate strategies– education, individual action, research and development, and policy – and the relationships among them. This document concludes with acknowledgments and information about The Climate Center and the team working on this strategy. This theory of change is the foundation, the “how,” for our Rapid Decarbonization Campaign, the “what,” on which we focus our work.

We welcome your feedback on this proposed theory of change. It’s a work in progress. We’d also like to know which parts of this strategy you’re already pursuing and what you’ve learned from your efforts to date.

Thank you!

Buddy Burch, Jock Gilchrist, and Ann Hancock

October 2019

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TransitionUS webinar featuring Ann Hancock, March 28, 2019:

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