California Climate Policy Summit 2022 Presentations

Track 1: Community Energy Resilience

Panel 1: Grid for the Future slides (PDF)

  • Lorenzo Kristov, Independent Consultant
  • Allie Detrio, Microgrid Resources Coalition and Reimagine Power

Panel 2: Distributed Energy Technology Solutions slides (PDF)

  • Allan Schurr, Enchanted Rock
  • Adam Simpson, Mainspring Energy
  • Ardi Arian, Renewable America
  • Peter Asmus, AutoGrid

Panel 3: Project Development in Frontline Communities slides (PDF)

  • Shina Robinson, Asian Pacific Environmental Network
  • Katrina Leni-Konig, California Energy Commission
  • Matt Roberts, Blue Planet Energy

Track 2: Phase Out Fossil Fuel & Sustainable Mobility

Panel 1: Oil and Gas Extraction slides (PDF)

  • Monica Embrey, National Energy Campaigns at Sierra Club
  • Juan Flores, Center for Race Poverty & Environment 
  • Kyle Ferrar, FracTracker Alliance

Panel 2: Petroleum Refining

Panel 3: Sustainable Mobility

Track 3: Natural Carbon Sequestration Breakout

Panel 1: What is the benefit: An overview of natural carbon sequestration slides (PDF)

  • Tim LaSalle, California State University, Chico
  • Ariel Lew Ai Le Whitson, TreePeople
  • Jean Okuye, Okuye Farms

Panel 2: How will we scale up: Policy support for accelerated natural carbon sequestration

  • Arohi Sharma, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Kim Guo, Better World Group
  • Torri Estrada, Carbon Cycle Institute

Panel 3: How are we going to pay for it: Enlisting private sector support for multi-benefit of natural climate solutions

Track 4: Finance, Accountability, Carbon Capture & Storage

Panel 1: Budget & Financing slides (PDF)

  • Shereen D’Souza – CalEPA
  • Emily Schwimmer, AECOM  
  • Glyn Milburn. Ygrene Energy Fund

Panel 2: Carbon Capture and Storage: Current California Legislation slides (PDF)

  • Roberto Reichard, Zero Emissions Advisors  
  • Diane Doucette, Project 2030 
  • Ryan McCarthy, Weideman Group

Panel 3: Corporate Responsibility

  • State Senator Scott Wiener 
  • Miriam Eide, Fossil Free CA  
  • Christopher Soriano, student activist
  • Sim Bilal, student activist