How to Scale Up Nature-Based Climate Solutions on Farms and Ranches with Key Partnerships

California is laying the groundwork to scale up nature-based climate solutions using strategies like urban tree planting and regenerative agriculture. To see the benefits of these solutions, we must invest in the on-the-ground partnerships that are necessary for the widespread adoption of climate-friendly practices on our lands. New Regional Carbon Farming Hubs are uniquely positioned to help farmers and ranchers implement strategies, like cover cropping and compost application, on their land. These hubs are led by Resource Conservation Districts, local entities that can tap into the existing networks and local expertise they’ve been building for more than 80 years. Together, they can work with landowners to pull carbon out of the atmosphere while improving soil health, water efficiency, and biodiversity.

In this webinar, we heard from experts about why these strategic partnerships are necessary and what is needed to increase their capacity and reach to secure a climate-safe future.

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