California Climate Policy Summit 2023

Holiday Inn Downtown-Arena, 300 J Street, Sacramento, California, 95814
Dr. J Mijin Cha at the California Climate Policy Summit 2022
Dr. J Mijin Cha addresses the crowd at the 2022 California Climate Policy Summit. Photo by Karen Preuss.

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California made historic progress on climate in 2022 — and we have the opportunity to do even more in the year ahead. Together, we passed the boldest set of climate laws in recent history, made major investments in clean energy, and mobilized our elected leaders to stand up to corporate polluters. The momentum is shifting in our favor, but we still have so much more to do to secure a climate-safe future for all. 

California is still grappling with prolonged drought, life-threatening heatwaves, and devastating wildfires. Our century-old power grid is failing under the stress of the climate crisis, leaving millions of people vulnerable to power outages during climate disasters. And air pollution from fossil fuels is poisoning far too many of our communities. All the while, fossil fuel interests are fighting tooth and nail to reverse our hard-fought progress. 

Against this backdrop, the second annual California Climate Policy Summit will bring together elected and business leaders, policy experts, activists, and environmental justice advocates to build support for climate policy commensurate with what science demands. The Summit will take place on April 11, 2023, at the Holiday Inn Downtown-Arena (300 J Street) in Sacramento, followed by a lobby day at state legislative offices on April 12. 

Register today and stay tuned for updates on our program, agenda, and speakers. We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

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