Will Wine Country Wilt with Climate Change?

The article “Climate change will threaten wine production, study shows” reports that traditional wine growing areas will find it more difficult to grow wine grapes over the next forty years, and that production will shift to other regions.    In response, fifty Sonoma County wine industry leaders recently met in Healdsburg to learn  about  Sonoma … Read more

Survey Documents Student Commuting Patterns

Student commutes at seven local high schools generate 13 million pounds of greenhouse gas each year, according to surveys conducted by students participating in the Climate Protection Campaign’s ECO2school program. The survey is part of the year-long effort by students to encourage classmates to walk, bike, ride the bus, and carpool to school. ECO2school is … Read more

Our Man In Washington

Climate Protection Campaign co-founder Mike Sandler brought this big climate dividend check to the Forward on Climate Rally in Washington DC.  The “Big Div” shows how revenues from a carbon fee on upstream polluters can be returned back to households. A recent proposal by Senators Boxer and Sanders would include 60% of revenues returned as … Read more

Money from Cap & Trade is headed your way

By Mike Sandler and Barry Vesser Published in the Press Democrat 2/13/12 In his inauguration speech, President Obama called for a response to climate change. While commendable that he put climate change back on the political agenda, he forgot the two most important words: carbon price. A carbon price will encourage businesses to make low-carbon … Read more

Clean tech, climate legislation good for California’s economy

A new study shows the importance of clean tech to California’s economy. It also highlights the role California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) plays in driving investment to that sector. The clean tech sector has been more resilient than the overall economy, according to the study by Economist David Roland-Holst of U.C. Berkeley. “While … Read more

Critical Juncture for Sonoma Clean Power

A request for proposals (RFP) will be issued in February by Sonoma County Water Agency for energy service providers to supply electric power and other services to Sonoma Clean Power. The RFP seeks to receive proposals for power supply, data management and customer and demand side services such as efficiency programs, demand response and net … Read more

This is not normal

When we hear about abnormally hot weather, we think of heat waves. In Chicago in 1995, the heat index hit 120 for three days in a row, killing hundreds of elderly people. In France, thousands of people died during seven days of severe heat in 2003. Those events are awful for their destructive force, but … Read more