ECO2school Challenge spurs 15 thousand green trips to school

Spring is in the air, and with extended daylight hours, and great weather, students from across Sonoma County took on the ECO2school challenge to lower carbon emissions and use alternative transportation to get to and from school. Our results are in! This year, 1,574 student’s participated in the ECO2school Challenge, making 15,002 greenway trips to … Read more

Cocoa 4 Carpools – Treats for Sustainable Transit

Did you ever want to get rewarded for doing the right thing? This February students across Sonoma County delivered an important message to their peers, encouraging them to walk, bike, bus, or carpool to school. As a reward, the eco-club greeted students with either a delicious cookie or a cup of piping hot cocoa. What … Read more

ECO2school launches new website

ECO2school, The Climate Center’s Youth Leadership program,  is constantly growing – connecting with new communities, developing new tools and curriculum, and mentoring new groups of students. In order to continue sharing and expanding this work, the ECO2school team is excited to announce the relaunch of their website: The new website makes it smooth and easy to find the information … Read more

Youth Advisory Board member awarded for commitment to climate protection

Last month, ten high school seniors from Sonoma County were recognized for leadership and civic engagement in the 28th annual Community Youth Service Awards, sponsored by The Press Democrat. The Climate Center Youth Advisory Board member Isabella (Izzi) Rader of Windsor High School was honored for her dedication and leadership in climate protection. The team … Read more

Sonoma County high schools get moving with the ECO2school Challenge

Last month, high school students across Sonoma County faced a personal and community challenge – the ECO2school Challenge, that is! For two weeks, participating students avoided solo driving and dropoffs at school. Instead, they embraced alternative transportation, like biking, walking, or carpooling, as often as possible. These young people jumped at the challenge and had a great time … Read more

Youth Claim Their Voice in the Climate Movement

A few weeks ago I sat down with three of our Youth Advisory Board members: Geena Espinoza, Katie Morrison, and Cassy Moretto, sophomores at Santa Rosa High School. The three of them are very close, in fact, so close that we call them the Three Musketeers. Everywhere they go, they bring a gaggle of giggles … Read more