Creating a climate-safe future will require substantial investments in energy efficiency in homes, apartments, and other buildings. Roughly one-quarter of California’s climate pollution comes from homes and other buildings — SB 1112 would help rapidly reduce this pollution. 

According to a report by the Building Decarbonization Coalition, approximately 6 million households in California — 4 million of which are low-income — lack the funding to upgrade their homes with climate-friendly appliances. SB 1112 by Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) would change that by using “on-bill financing” to remove the financial barrier for millions of Californians who want climate-friendly homes.

With on-bill financing, customers can pay for climate-friendly appliances over time on their utility bills. Good credit history is not a requirement and there is very low interest on the purchase. 

For equitable access to clean energy appliances, please urge your assembly member to support SB 1112 today!